Service Desk Review

Service Desk Review Options To Make The Task Easier

If you are looking for service desk software to help make things easier for customers, technicians, and administrators, you're not alone. Many people are going to review websites and trying to find options, but it can be difficult. At ITarian, we make it simple, because we include different companies and review their options and compare them to ours. With our product, you'll get:

  • Automation
  • Reporting
  • Filter options
  • Convenient dashboard
  • Data management
  • Self-help options for customers
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased satisfaction of everyone in the organization

Hosted Versions

In some cases, you may need something that runs on someone else's server. MSPs can use our product and put it on their client's computers, but it isn't technically considered hosted that way. If you only have access to the application and not the full program, it is a hosted version. Our review of service desk products couldn't be complete without mentioning hosted options, such as Zendesk, Jitbit, Freshdesk, and Kayako.

Service Desk Review


At ITarian, we are considered an on-premises software option because you download our software and can use it on any computer with internet/intranet connections. We offer some of the same options as the hosted version but make it easier to change things and customize them to make it your own. Other options similar to ours can include HelpSpot, Jitbit, and Kayako.


Reviewing Service Desk software wouldn't be complete without considering the price. There are a few open-source,versions like ours, but most of them require a paid subscription of some kind. Some provide their product to a few for free, such as three agents, but many only offer atrial, usually 30 days. After that, you must pay for the product or use something else. contact us to learn more today.

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