Help Desk Services

Help Desk Services is a software tool that serves a wide range of customer support activities.

IT Help Desk Vs Service Desk

It may be surprising that many people don't know that a service and help desk aren't considered the same. While sometimes they are used interchangeably, in most cases, they are completely separate. Many times, companies will not have service desk, but few companies can have service desks without the other.

At ITarian, our service desk software is similar to help-desk services, in that we provide:

  • Tracking of incoming problems
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Problem resolution
  • Problem escalation procedures
  • Automated notifications and alerts
  • Reports about timing
  • Customer reporting

What Traditional Service Desks Do

Service Desks typically focus on the corporate strategy and is a Single Point of Contact between IT management and users. We also provide this through our product. Along with that, it uses the ITIL best practices to deliver their services with defined processes and software. It is usually the first contact for anyone in the organization and customers. Because service desks are usually unavailable without the other option, we offer both in our singular product.

What Traditional Help Desks Do

This desk focuses more on the end-user needs, such as your customers and clients, or those of your clients if you're a Managed Service Provider (MSP). They provide incident management to make sure that customer's problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. This is usually found as software to track incidents, which will ensure that nothing gets lost.

It manages the database in real time and can help you generate annual or monthly reports about the time it took to respond, the number of incidents and the time it took to fix the problem. All of that information can then be put into an SLA (Service Level Agreement) if necessary. Contact us today to learn more.