Service Desk Operations

How To Connect Your Service Desk Operations To IT Strategies

Most organizations do know that there should be a strategy when it comes to service desk operations, but rarely is there a line connecting the policy to the Service Desk. Best practices say that plans are often realized through operations, so it stands to reason that the strategy and operation phase should depend on one another. At ITarian, we understand that it can be frustrating and confusing, and have come up with a plan to help you. Two phases should interest IT managers because they are drawn from transition and design to the Service Desk. They include:

Service Desk Operations

Strategy Phase

During this stage, you establish a strategy for all communications and information technology services and your ITSM. This phase will include marketing opportunities and others. From these strategies, you can develop services to meet those requirements.

Service Desk Operations

Operation Phase

During this stage, you will focus on what you need to do to support your services, such as having a Helpdesk, making it easier during the ticket process and including a CRM.

How We Help

Without clear and dictated operations, your service desk won't be efficient. You need to determine the processes of the department and the software you choose to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

For example, if you want to make it easier for customers, you will likely want a program that allows them to use self-help options and create tickets on their own. Our product does

provide this. Clients and end users can check the FAQ database, which we provide for you, so they can see if they can fix the problem on their own. If not, they also have the ability to create a ticket, which will be sent to the appropriate technician and department. Contact us today to learn more about our service desk and how it can help.