Service Desk Services

Types Of Service Desk Services You Should Receive

If you are like many IT professionals, you know that the service desk is an important part of your daily lives. However, many people don't realize the various services they should be getting from their software, which means they may not be utilizing what they have or may not have gotten the best options. At ITarian, we understand your frustrations and have made it simple to determine that you should be getting:

Help Desk Services

  • Tickets and tasks
  • Multiple site support
  • Asset management
  • Team management
  • Self-service for users
  • Customization
  • FAQ database

How We Compare

If you want to get all the services from your Service Desk, you need to compare your product with ours. We provide everything mentioned above and more, so you can ensure a timely response. Whether you want to help end users with self-service so you can focus on the bigger problems or want to customize your reports to make things easier, we've got you covered.

Our FAQ database is the perfect self-help tool for customers. They can check to see if their problem is an easy fix or not. If so, they can follow the steps to fix the problem. If not, they can create a ticket themselves, either via email or through a convenient form. You can then prioritize those requests and ensure that you stay on track to provide excellent help to everyone who needs it.

Administrators can generate reports as to which problems surfaced and who handled the request. They can also find out who's working right now. SLAs are an important aspect of most businesses, so you can keep them all together in a single place with our product.

Service desk services shouldn't just be about creating and closing tickets though that is a large part of the process. You need to help others, but allow them to help themselves, as well. contact us today for more information.

Service Desk Services