Service Desk Application

ITarian Offers Service Desk Application Options

At ITarian, we believe in helping you manage all of your Helpdesk requests within the organization. Our Service Desk product will allow you to:

  • Track requests received from email and phone
  • Access all incidents in one location
  • Automatically assign incidents to agents or departments
  • Enable SLA escalations
  • Define SLA compliance rules how you see fit

With our product, you'll be able to install and implement it efficiently, all while maintaining functionality and productivity in the workplace.

Key Features of Service Desk Application

Our service desk product provides you with a self-service portal, so users can help themselves first. Whenever they cannot find the right answer, they can then call you to request a ticket or open their own ticket with our convenient ticketing system. They will also be able to track the status of their problem. However, many simple tasks, such as password resets or adding a new user, can be answered in our FAQ database, where you can add other questions/responses to fit your company.

Many similar products on the market allow you to create a knowledge base or database but require you to fill it in yourself. We provide one for you though you may want to make changes, add some things and remove some to make it fit your goals.

Email requests can get lost, even in a large database. However, our product can automatically convert those requests into the regular incident report, making it easier to read and understand. You won't have to take extra time to get the information you need because our product will put it into the same format as the others.

Among other features, our service desk application can provide SLA management in one spot, API integration, notifications, reports and more. contact us today to learn more.

Service Desk Application