Service Desk API

Why Consider Service Desk API Software

Application Programming Interface (API) can be used to share data between different applications and to help integrate different applications together in one software. It is an excellent option that can integrate with third-party apps or web services that can send data using HTTP protocol. With this interface, Service Desk software can be used for different web services and applications. At ITarian, we believe in making life easier, so have included this option as part of our software.


There are two primary types of API, which include REST and Servlet. The functions are similar for both, but Servlet offers an HTTP form-based submission option, and REST conforms to REST specifications. Both options can be implemented together in your preferred application. The Servlet option can:

  • Add new requests
  • Edit, close, delete and view existing requests
  • Add new sites
  • Edit or delete new sites
  • Add, delete and modify existing technicians
  • Add new workstations and servers, update them, or add assets

The REST Application Programming Interface can:

  • Add, close, edit, delete and view new and existing requests
  • Add notes to requests, as well as delete, edit and view them
  • Add working logs to requests
  • Add new changes
  • Import requests based on your criteria
Service Desk API

Why It Helps

Our service desk software is meant to make life easier, but if you have to follow strict protocols, it won't work as easily. With API, you'll be able to use the software on any computer and mobile device, so no matter where you are, you'll have what you need. You can make changes quickly so you aren't going through a lot of different processes to make one change or add one note. We believe that our service desk product can help automate some tasks and make it easier to add and change things, so contact us today.