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Choosing The Right Open Source Service Desk Software

If you have decided that your IT department needs some help with the products they use to get organized, you're not alone. At ITarian, we understand your frustrations and have created an open source service desk software to help make things easier. When choosing your product, you need to make sure it:

  • Can be changed quickly to include company colors and models
  • Allows workers to track hours and/or tickets
  • Runs on any computer, be it a laptop, desktop or mobile device
  • Provides stock answers (FAQ database) to avoid additional tickets


The benefit of open source software of any kind is that it can be modified and changed. Commercial products have to stay exactly the same, so you can't change the colors or add your logo. You can brand our product however you want so that it fits in with your décor and model. It will look more professional though still be comfortable to use.

how to choose right service desk software


Many times, Service Desk employees are paid per hour and not by the jobs they do. If your plan is to pay people per hour, you may want to set up a tracking device with our program to ensure they are getting paid for the work they do. However, you may have another system designed, such as a punch-clock or online punch-clock.

Our product can also help you track different things, including the time it takes to finish tickets, which agents have the most work, how many tickets are currently available, how many have been closed and much more. These filters allow you to see what's going on quickly


The days are gone where everyone was stuck at the office or in a cubicle with their computer. People can roam freely and still work hard, so you need to ensure the open source service desk software you choose allows that freedom. Contact us today to learn more.

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