Why RMM Platform Software

Benefits of RMM Platform Software

When you think about remote management and monitoring you probably think of securing a network and making sure the programs are up to date. RMM management is all about software applications and network management for your business. However, there is a difference between standard rmm software and rmm platform programs and understanding this can help you enjoy some of the many benefits it provides.

What is a Software Platform?

So what are we talking about when we speak of an rmm platform? A platform is more than simply a software application. It is a program which allows other programs to be run from it. For example, if you have Windows installed on your computer, you'll need software which is designed to run from a Windows platform. Should you wish to use a Linux or Apple platform, you could not run it from Windows (unless you had an emulation program).

ITarian is considered to be an free rmm platform, because you can run several applications (modules) specially designed to run with ITarian. You still need a computer operating system to run ITarian, but you also need ITarian to run one of its helpful modules like RMM, Patch Management and Service Desk. Hopefully, this will help to eliminate any confusion from the term rmm platform. Think of a platform as a "mini operating system".

Why Install RMM Management Platforms?

MSP businesses are all about monitoring and taking care of their clients' networks, and since rmm programs are designed for this purpose, you should consider the best possible program. When you install an rmm platform like ITarian you have a number of helpful modules which provide other services (plus add-on modules are available). This makes your software provide more functions, and easier to use because the added features are integrated into the program. It is easier on your staff because there is no need to launch all these extra programs and have them running in the background (taking up system resources). Here are some of the many benefits you will receive when you install a reliable rmm platform.

Downtime Prevention

Most businesses dread any kind of downtime, because it causes a host of problems. This is especially true for msp businesses. If you are dealing with downtime, chances are, so are your clients and this is very bad for business. Rmm platform software assists with many kinds of downtime issues, because it helps to keep everything running smoothly on your network.

Automatic Shutdowns

If you own a large facility, it's important to keep machines running when needed, but if you shut them down at the right time, they have a chance to rest and cool off. Many people claim computers need to be running 24/7 but the longer a machine runs, the more heat it generates and friction and wear and tear can eventually present problems.

A large number of machines can produce a substantial amount of heat and this can add to air conditioning costs. Shutting down machines while not in use can help to keep cooling costs down. In addition, computers and other endpoint equipment use electricity but not when they are shut down. Over the course of time, scheduling regular shutdowns can lower total energy costs. Rmm platform systems can be used to shut machines down when you want.

Scheduled Restarts

Some rmm platform programs come with patch management modules and you can schedule a shutdown or restart right after an update. Many updates these days require the operating system to be restarted and this can be done when it is not in use. This helps to keep downtime to a minimum.

Fewer Employee Headaches

It takes many employees working in a number of capacities to keep a large operation going. For example, someone must be there to monitor machine activity and make sure everything is running smoothly. Rmm platform applications watch over your system during the day and night. These programs never sleep and you never have to give them overtime pay. They don't call in sick or ask for vacation time, so they are the perfect employees.

A good automated program can make it much easier on your human resources department because there are fewer employees to keep track of. For example, some rmm platform applications have automated patching capabilities. Most programs and operating systems can be kept updated and in compliance without the need for manual updating. This not only saves time, it is more efficient than manual updates and the program does not make human mistakes.

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