RMM Benefits

6 Important Benefits of Remote Management and Monitoring

Today's IT companies are not just "local businesses" and this is especially true with managed service providers. For example, an administrator may be responsible for a network which covers several states and regions and keeping up with all the computers and endpoints can be a daunting task. Thankfully, remote management and monitoring software like ITarian is available and here are six reasons to choose rmm for your business.

MSP Location

MSP businesses are not "9 to 5" companies. Managing computer systems and networks is a full-time 24/7 job. So what's a network administrator going to do if a serious trouble ticket is issued after hours? Thanks to modern rmm programs this is not an issue.

If problems develop late at night or on a weekend, the admin does not have to always be there. This person can receive email alerts about many different events. In addition, the admin console is easily accessed from the World Wide Web, so the admin can take care of most things from home which could be done in a an office. In addition, an admin could be thousands of miles away and as long as there is online access, remote monitoring and management can proceed business as usual.

Device Location Doesn't Matter

RMM programs make it possible to see every machine on the network. They can tell what is going on at all times. This includes desktop or laptop computers, access points and everything in an office. However, RMM can also monitor and check everyone on the network from remote locations. This includes the business person with a tablet pc in another city. It also includes workers with smart phones anywhere they travel. As long as agent software is installed on each device, it can be closely monitored.


Remote management and monitoring software makes sure machines are operating properly. These programs also receive real time information on intrusions or attempted security breaches. For example, suppose an unauthorized person tried to log in to the network from a laptop. The rmm program will recognize this unfamiliar machine along with unsuccessful log in attempts.

RMM monitoring programs know everything that goes on in a specific network and they not only are aware, they are in a position to take the necessary action to prevent many kinds of security breaches. For example, ITarian can be set up to monitor log in attempts and lock out the user after so many tries. These parameters can be set from the admin panel. Plus, the program can use the camera feature of a smart phone to take a picture of the individual trying to log in to the system.

Limit User Access

A good remote monitoring and management program can be set to determine who can access what. For example, some applications and sensitive information may require special permission, and this can be taken care of by the admin. Do you want some users to only have access to basic information? This is not a problem. The admin can set permission parameters on a "per user" basis.

By limiting access it becomes more difficult for intruders to steal valuable information. Even though they may be able to circumvent part of the system they must still have permission from the admin to access vital data.

Your IT Personnel Don't All Have To Be in One Place

For a large network, it might take several IT professionals to monitor all phases of an operation. Thanks to remote management and monitoring you can use staff in other offices even if they are across the country or on the other side of the planet. It doesn't make any difference where the server computers are located.

Save Money on Travel Expenses

Suppose you have problems with a computer or mobile device in a remote area. A tech does not need you to monitor the activity or check out the system. Everything can be done from one location and there's no need to find out how things are going on your end, because the tech can see everything from his location.

When maintenance and monitoring can be done with limited traveling you can save a great deal on airfare and travel related expenses. In fact, your IT staff can stay in constant communications via mobile device applications, so when an emergency situation occurs, you can alert the right personnel to take the appropriate actions before catastrophes have time to develop. Your business is not only more efficient, it can pride itself on quick response times and accuracy, thanks to remote monitoring and management applications, and ITarian can give you rmm with psa integration software, called ITarian.

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