MSP Service Desk

How Can An MSP Use ITarian's Service Desk Software

MSPs (managed-service providers) are companies that manage IT infrastructures or end-user systems remotely. They usually provide a proactive alternative and charge a monthly or yearly fee. At ITarian, we understand that an MSP needs quality software that can be used for their clients and as such, offer our service desk softwareof charge for anyone to use, even MSPs.

How We Keep Labor Costs Low

MSPs have the difficulty of charging a fair but competitive rate, which can be difficult when paying for services from another company. Therefore, we offer our service desk software for free, as well as some other programs. You can keep your costs low, which will:

  • Keep your customers happy
  • Keep your bosses/owners happy
  • Provide a competitive market for similar MSP companies

Along with our remote monitoring and management software and patch management, both of which are free, you can keep your clients happy and safe.

Service Desk MSP

What Our Product Does

Our Service Desk MSP software makes it easy to manage tickets, organize SLAs and keep everyone happy. You can choose to use it remotely or share it with your clients so they can have an easy-to-use dashboard full of helpful information and necessary options.

We have enhanced reporting options that can include reports on:

  • Time, Tickets
  • Cost
  • Assets
  • Departments
  • Agents

This way, everyone is accountable, and you can generate reports based on any necessary metrics. You can set the program to automatically alert others when new tickets are available and can restrict access accordingly. You'll also be able to route tickets automatically so that the department or agent can quickly find what they need. If you're an MSP and would like to learn more about our paid-service products, contact us today.