Service Desk Technician

What Does A Service Desk Technician Do?

Because the Help and Service Desk go hand in hand, some people are confused about what each does. In most cases, the technician does the same thing, no matter what their label. He or she is a computer support specialist who responds to requests from others. If your company is large, you may have your own IT department to make it easier for everyone. Anyone can put in a ticket so that one of the specialists can come and fix it. Computer companies may also allow customers to call in and request help, as well.

At ITarian, we want to ensure that your service desk technician gets the help and support they need. It isn't an easy job to fix everyone's computer problems, but having a reliable system can help. Our product:

  • Increases satisfaction by customers or employees
  • Provides an automated ticketing system to make it easier to report issues
  • Offers various ways of sorting tickets, including by department, priority, SLAs and more
  • Provides automatic ticket response to customers/employees so they know their ticket was received
  • Allows agents and technicians can be more effective in their job

Benefits For Customers/Employees

The customer or employee, depending on what your company does, will be able to access a database full of answers to common questions. This can save them time (and money, depending on if you charge for the agent's help) because they can search the database first instead of contacting the service desk tech for everything. They can also put in their own ticket and check on the status.

Service Desk Technician

Benefits For Technicians

Technicians are busy people. They already have a lot to do, but having an ineffective system can make it more difficult. With our product, they'll be more effective because they can work on higher priority cases first, and everything will be organized according to department. Contact us to learn more.