Remote Desktop Protocol

What is a Remote Desktop Protocol?

Remote Desktop Protocol is a procedure used to operate a computer remotely using another device. It enables you to access a machine located elsewhere through a program and over the internet. RDP is mainly used for file transfer, desktop sharing, application use, customer support, and troubleshooting. RDP was initially launched by Microsoft but it is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

How does Remote Protocol Works?

Do you ever wonder how Remote Desktop Protocol functions? Imagine this. A person using a remote-controlled car needs to press buttons to steer the car from a distance. With the help of radio waves, commands are communicated to the toy using a remote. This is how RDP works in a nutshell.

When you use RDP, mouse movements and keyboard strokes are transmitted directly to a desktop located in another place. Instead of radio waves that are used in remote-controlled toys, RDP uses the internet to control the computer system. Once the local and remote devices are linked to each other, you can view the screen of the remote computer and control it as if it were in front of you.

Remote Desktop Protocol

The Remote Desktop Protocol Port opens a secure network channel where data can be sent back and forth between connected machines (local and remote computers currently in use). Necessary data such as mouse movements, keystrokes, and the desktop display are transferred over this channel through TCP/IP. To even heighten the protection of all the transmitted data, RDP encrypts the public internet connection.

Take note that even though data is transferred in real-time, slight delays may occur. This is because keyboard and mouse activities have to undergo encryption, which will take a few milliseconds before the data is transferred back to the user. For example, if you double click on an application, it may take a few milliseconds before the action is carried out and reflected on the screen.

Significant Uses of Remote Desktop Protocol

Remote Desktop Protocol provides a valuable contribution to individuals as well as to organizations. It helps in boosting productivity, troubleshooting issues, enhancing security, and saving on expenses. That said, RDP is commonly used in the following:

Work from Home

With many companies embracing telecommuting or remote work, people need a tool that will enable them to access their work desktops. Thanks to remote desktop software, employees can do their jobs at home. People can put this software in action to connect to their work environment with safety and compliance.

Fixing Issues

A major problem with your desktop may require an IT technician to step in and provide a solution. Fortunately, they can do so easily using a remote protocol. IT staff can leverage remote tools to troubleshoot technical issues of users even if they are away.

Help Desk

Support teams use modern help desks and service desks to quickly and accurately address a constant surge of end-user IT issues. It also keeps track of all unsettled issues or incidents. When paired with remote desktop protocol-free, it can add convenience to the IT team as they can access the desktop in question without going to its location physically.

While Traveling

There are times when people need to be in two places at the same time. In this case, getting access to your work computer can be a struggle. However, if you have a remote desktop protocol in place, you can access important files without commuting to the office. This software comes in handy while you are on transit or traveling and you need to suddenly access files or documents at your office computer.

Final Thoughts

In summary, a remote desktop protocol establishes a connection between two computers – local and remote. It allows access to the remote system through the internet. You can view the remote computer’s user interface on your local device and control it using your keyboard and mouse. These inputs are performed within the remote machine’s environment while the screen updates in real-time on your local device.

Now that you’ve read about the value of using Remote Desktop Protocol, the next step is determining which solution is right for your business. You don’t have to look any further. Itarian offers a reliable solution with proven performance tested over the years. Once installed, you can perform daily tasks with ease and be as productive as you want.


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