Patch Management Metrics

How To Measure Patch Management Metrics

Patch management metrics refers to the process of measuring the progress of the product or person. If you're doing in all on your own, you'll need to measure your progress, but if you use a patching product, you need to ensure that it's working and how well it's working.

At ITarian, we can help you with patch management measurements because our system can:

  • Tell you which patches are needed
  • Check your systems for needed updates
  • Provide reports

Our reports can be used many ways. You can see which patches are still needed and which systems are now up to date. Our reports will also tell you which patches are most critical so you can make an informed decision about patching.

Performance Indicators

To ensure that the product you select is truly helpful, you need to know the performance indicators. These can include:

  • Coverage
  • Effort
  • Speed
  • Impact
  • Quality

Coverage refers to the number of systems that the patching effort can cover. We can help with third-party patches, as well as patching for most operating systems. Our coverage is excellent, so your systems are protected.

Patch management measurements should also measure the effort you put in and the speed at which things are patched. With our product, there is very little effort on your part, once everything is set up. In most cases, one person can handle the whole process because almost everything is automated. While you'll still want to check for quality, we do all the work and do it as quickly as possible.

The impact refers to how much downtime there is in the organization because of our product. Because it patches the system, there shouldn't be any downtime. contact us today to learn more about our options.

Patch Management Metrics

What is Patch Management?


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