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RMM Audit Software and Patch Management

Not long ago, patch management for IT professionals was quite simple. When patches were made available, you installed them and then went on about your business. Today, we must deal with email worms, viruses, malware and every day a new threat of some kind bursts upon the scene, and there is not always an immediate solution. Patch management must be taken seriously for security and to keep things running smoothly. Here are some very important reasons for choosing RMM audit software with patch management capabilities.

Automating the Process

When auditing patch management becomes automatic, your life just got easier. Here is what the goals of a good tracking program must include.

Tracking Compliance Issues

Compliance is a huge concern for most msp companies today. It not only ensures security but improper compliance can result in financial and legal penalties as well. With the right rmm audit system in place you have a great deal of assistance with patch management.

Improved ISMS (Information Security Management System)

ISMS is all about proper risk management for MSPs. It must be effective today and have the ability and flexibility to change in the future. ISMS contains 4 distinct phases:

  • Planning - here is where IT security risks are assessed and evaluated. The proper control measures are also selected.
  • Doing - your control measures are implemented
  • Checking - proper checking gives you the chance to evaluate how your ISMS is working
  • Acting - after evaluating, you should have a way to correct any issues which are problematic, to maximize ISMS.

By using rmm software with patch management capabilities, you have assistance with all four steps of this process. Your ISMS can become more effective because you not only minimize risks; you are taking a proactive approach to the process of security risk management.

Patch Management Scheduling

With the right rmm audit software in place, scheduling updates is simple. You have many options when you use ITarian with its built-in Patch Management module. For example, you can schedule updates to match the needs of a department, machine types or even individual users. Updates can be scheduled before shutdowns or any time you choose. Plus, it is not a problem during business hours because the rmm audit program works silently in the background.

Benefits of Effective Patching

When you use an rmm audit program like ITarian, Patch Management is automated and effective and this comes with a number of benefits:

  • Better performance - some patches are issued due to performance problems with a specific OS or application. If these issues are not solved in a timely manner it can greatly affect the performance of the program. Machines run smoother and with fewer problems when patches are installed as soon as possible, and your rmm audit software can make the difference.
  • Efficiency - you become a more efficient organization when you have the ability to proactively limit problems like viruses and malware. In addition, you may increase your IT department efficiency greatly after you eliminate the need to patch programs manually. In fact, it might be a full-time job in some organizations, because someone must not only manually update, but schedule updates and keep track of each program. This is very time consuming and labor intensive.
  • Increased security - Cyber criminals and thieves rely on the fact, many people (and companies) think it cannot happen to them. The truth is, security issues happen all the time and an effective rmm audit program can catch many problems. Proper patch management eliminates many of these problems in the first place, so security is increased.
  • Software savings - as programs become older, they may need to be replaced. It can be very expensive to replace some applications as license fees continue to increase. Keeping your software up to date with an rmm audit program's assistance, will ensure you can use it as long as possible and this can result in a significant savings.

ITarian for Patch Management

Why pay for expensive patch management programs when you receive a patch management module with ITarian open source rmm audit software? And this is only one feature of the platform. You enjoy effective remote management and monitoring with the ability to prevent many vulnerability issues. It can be used for a wide range of products from Microsoft, Adobe, Java and many other 3rd party applications. This also includes Linux, Windows and OSX operating systems. To check out this software, call (973) 859 4000 ext 3025 for a live demonstration or visit https://www.itarian.com/ today.

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