Patch Management Process Diagram

Learn About The Patch Management Process And How To Create A Diagram

Patching isn't an easy task, as almost every IT person could tell you. Therefore, it's important to consider the patch management process by creating a diagram and ensuring that you stick to your preferred schedule. At ITarian, we make the task even simpler by automating most of it, allowing you to check everything and be done, breathing a sigh of relief.

The Diagram

Patch management should be looked at as a circle, where there is no end (though, for this purpose, there is a beginning). The start of the process includes finding software that helps you automate the tasks at hand and make it simpler. Our product is an excellent option because it'sand does much of what similar products can do. The steps of the diagram include:

  • Detect – Our product helps you find missing or outdated patches.
  • Assess – Once you know which patches are missing, our product can tell you if the severity warrants immediate deployment of the patches.
  • Acquire – If your security measures aren't enough for the vulnerability, you'll get the patches for testing.
  • Test – Install the patches onto your test system to ensure everything will work properly.
  • Deploy – If everything works okay on the test system, deploy the patches company-wide.
  • Maintain – Notifications will alert you when new patches are available.

This quick list can be placed anywhere to help make it easier to know what to do in the situation of new patches or problems.

Patch Management Process Diagram

How Our Product Compares

Our patch management tool helps you follow the process mentioned above because it will find all available patches and let you know which ones are needed on your computers. It will keep updating as necessary, so you're always informed. contact us today to learn more.

What is Patch Management?


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