Enterprise Service Desk

Reasons To Consider An Enterprise Service Desk From ITarian

If you're like many IT professionals, much of your time is devoted to fixing problems. Whether you work in a corporation and focus on fixing an internal computer or network problems, or help outside customers, you'll want an enterprise service desk that can help you sort through all the tickets and keep organization and detail. At ITarian, we offer such a product. Our product works remotely, allowing you to install it on the server and work from anywhere.

If you regularly send technicians to other locations to help others, they can access everything on their mobile device, to ensure they get the job done correctly. However, most problems, both technical and non-technical, can be resolved via telephone or through email. With our product, customers will:

  • Have access to FAQs to hopefully fix their problem without opening a tick
  • Have the ability to open their tickets themselves with a simple-to-use form
  • Be able to find out where their ticket is in the queue

Also with our product, administrators can set their business hours and manage their SLAs, as well as ordering the tickets based on priority. They can receive automated notifications about requests, as well.

Reasons To Consider Us

Our system is automated, which makes creating tickets, closing them, and viewing them much easier. Our product is downloaded to your network or server, so you always have it, even on holidays and weekends. If you have questions or concerns, you can always call us to receive help, though your IT department may be able to fix the problems themselves.

Our enterprise service desk works with you instead of against you, and it is also free. This means that you'll see an improvement in customer relations and won't have to pay extra for your services. Because you don't have to pay anything, you'll be able to give those cost-savings to your customers, as well. Contact us today to learn more.

Enterprise Service Desk
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