Best Patch Management Software Tools (Updated Software List 2023)

Complete Features and Cost Comparison for finding the best patch management software

What is Patch Management?

Patch management deals with obtaining, testing and instantly processing installation and updating multiple patches to the software administered in the users' system. A business or an organization is organized and updated with latest patches instantly with an effective patch management system. It mitigates the possible risks involved in businesses caused by a software that is outdated.

Top 5 Patch Management Software 2023

  1. ITarianPatch Management Software
  2. AEM Autotask Patch Management
  3. ConnectWise
  4. Kaseya
  5. N-able
Best Patch Management Software

ITarianPatch Management Software

  • What can a user expect from a Patch Management Software
  • Staying updated on the latest available patches
  • Planning on the appropriate patches for specific user systems
  • Installing patches as per the requirements
  • Testing systems after the patch installation
  • Documenting the corresponding processes


  • Automates patch updates for Windows and Linux operating systems and third party applications from remote.
  • Ensures users to view a statistical report on the breakup of updates that are readily available for endpoints
  • Enables the administrators to recognize vulnerable endpoints that requires security patch fixes
  • Ensure automatic updates of patches on endpoints at a specific time frame
  • Enables the users to view reports on the complete history of hardware and software updates on the endpoints


  • Instant System Discovery
  • Scheduling and Updating Patches
  • Installation of Patches and Deployment
  • Examine for Compliance & Assessment

AEM Autotask Patch Management

AEM patch management ensures admins to manage patch deployment to the users' network endpoints. The intent is to generate a updated software environment that is safe and secure against possible vulnerabilities.

Connectwise Patch Management

Connectwise Patch Management delivers a strategy to enable the users to understand the softwares installed in the devices connected over the organizations' network. It assists the admins to take control over automatic patch updates.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand the organizations' Software & Devices
  • Identify the need for Patch updates and prioritizes as per demand
  • Generates a Procedure to implement Patch Update
  • Maintain up-to-date software consistently
  • Testing the patched software to prove

Kaseya Patch Management

Kaseya Patch Management module ensures to scan, install and validate Microsoft patches on Windows systems. The Patch Manager is well equipped to automate the process maintaining Windows systems with up to date with the latest patches. This instantiates to keep servers, workstations, systems , and other remote devices up-to-date.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic Patch Deployment
  • Instant Control Mechanism
  • Pliable Configuration
  • Ensures Patch Compliance

N-able Patch Management

This streamlines patch monitoring and management services for MSPs. The patch manager, implements the use of caching, multi-level maintenance Windows and instant approval measures. This is to ensure users to automate the patch updates on the organization's device.


Before jumping in, you need to know what's needed. You'll need to talk with the managers and IT department to determine necessities. For example, do the managers think patch management is necessary? You may also want to know about threat problems and the time frame, as well as your budget. Luckily, our patch-management product is of charge and still offers all the necessary functions you need.

You'll also want to find out network sizes and configurations because that can be necessary to determine the right product. If you have classified networks, patches can't be distributed overnight when they are removed.


Every good employee has questions about the products they use to keep their networks and information safe. You'll want to know about the platforms available if they have other products that could be useful and what it offers.

We think our product is the best because it can be used on almost all platforms and handles all operating systems. We also have many other products to help your business and offer third-party patch management software for applications. Along with everything else, we automate almost everything, so it makes the process simpler. To learn more, contact us now so we can help.