Remote Access Mac

If you have more than one Mac, one at home and one in the workplace, then you might want to enable Mac remote access. This will allow you to access a Mac computer that is located at a distant location. With this, you will have the ability to access a Mac device and do any tasks as if you are sitting in front of its screen.

How to Enable Mac Remote Access

Enabling Mac remote access also brings a number of other advantages to its users. Let’s say that you are to deal with a situation wherein you are called upon to help a companion or relative fix an issue with their Mac. If they live far away, traveling to their location can be a hassle. But if you can initiate a Mac remote access, then you can remotely connect to a different Mac computer. This allows you to remotely investigate the issue and troubleshoot it.

Apple used to offer a tool called Back to My Mac. Users can use this solution to enable remote access Mac . Employees can utilize this to access their office Mac computers while at home and use it as though they were sitting before it.

Mac Remote Access

Yet, Apple discontinued Back to my Mac. However, this doesn’t mean that you can never again do Mac remote access. Back to my Mac has never been the main strategy for picking up Mac remote access anyway. You can get to screen sharing settings in System Preferences. You can use Apple Remote Desktop software. You can also use third-party solutions to enable Mac remote access.

The following are your different options in order to enable Mac remote access:

Option No. 1: Mac Screen Sharing

One way to enable Mac remote access is to use screen sharing. With this, you can control and Mac remote access another Mac. Open folders and files, closing windows and files. You can even use applications that are only installed on the remote Mac.

This is an especially convenient solution when you are attempting to help someone fix an issue with their Mac. With Screen Sharing enabled one screen can be Mac remote access to another screen to that user having control of the other Mac.

Option No. 2: Google Chrome Remote

This is another choice to do Mac remote access. Chrome Remote Desktop enables you to enable Mac remote access from a Chrome web browser on any PC. You can also initiate Mac remote access through your iPhone and iPad if you install the Chrome Remote application. You’ll need a Google account. You will also need Google's Chrome web browser.

Option No. 3: Apple Remote Desktop

Another approach to enable Mac remote access is by using Apple Remote Desktop. This gives you a chance to access files and run applications on another Mac. Apple Remote Desktop makes it possible to configure and install applications. It helps remote clients in making detailed reports.

Remote Access Mac

One efficient way to enable remote access Mac is through using a third-party Remote Access Software. One of the best remote access software you can use is ITarian Remote Access.

Enabling your employees to work using ITarian Remote Access is less expensive than keeping up a full-time office. Rather than putting resources into office essentials, you can give them a chance to work from their homes. This doesn't cut major budgetary spendings. And furthermore, it's essential to note that ITarian Remote Access comes for free.

With ITarian Remote Access, you'll have the capacity to give prompt solutions for issues your customer is encountering. There's no need for physical intervention. You'll be capable of addressing issues wherever your customer is situated at. It makes the work profitable and proficient. By decreasing the measure of time spent on fixing a particular issue, your client satisfaction rate will likely increase.

ITarian Remote Access also diminishes the attrition rate of employees. By giving access to their remote devices, employees would now be able to appreciate the experience of telecommuting. With this, a maintained work-life balance can be achieved, making employees feel happy with their jobs.

In case you're thinking about adding remote access innovation to your organization, ITarian can help. ITarian Remote Access guarantees to offer you quality remote access innovation. It will maximize the effectiveness of your organization over the long haul.

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