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A service desk is the single point of contact, or SPOC, between the IT department and users. Your typical service desk manages incidents or service disruptions. ITSM service desk also handles service requests or regular service-related tasks. ITSM stands for Information Technology Service Management.

An ITSM service desk covers a wide area of interest. It gives users a central place for all their IT service needs. Service desk plays an important role in ITSM. A service desk software is a tool for managing tickets and allows companies to enforce efficient workflows for both internal and customer-facing support departments.

You will learn more about ITSM service desk in the next sections, as well as the various types of service desk. You will also learn the difference between service desk vs help desk and how to get the best benefits from ITSM service desk.

ITSM Service

Different Types of Service Desk

A ticket represents a concern or a technical problem. It contains what the user is having difficulty with. An ITSM service desk manages these tickets. In general, there are four types of service desk available today:

1.Local service desk A local service desk serves the needs of a small or medium-sized enterprise. Its location is within or near the premises of the enterprise. It is not, however, capable of handling huge numbers of service requests and calls.
2.Centralized service desk This type of ITSM service desk can handle many tasks with few people. Merging multiple local service desk into one is a cost-effective solution.
3.Virtual service desk This is the most common type of service desk. A single and central service desk handles all the tickets from various locations.
4."Follow the sun" service desk This is the most common type of service desk. A single and central service desk handles all the tickets from various locations.

Service Desk vs Help Desk

People often interchange and confuse themselves with the definition of both terms. Let us shed light on this confusion by enumerating each of their functions.

Service Desk Help Desk
It provides service. It provides help and solutions.
It is strategic. It is tactical.
It helps with information and service requests. It provides users with a central location of information that answers their concerns.
It aids in break-fix situations. It focuses on a break-fix method.
The focus is on IT service-centricity. The focus is on IT-centricity.
It is part of a service-based IT service delivery. This is an add-on to existing IT events.

Those are a few of the functions that differentiate an ITSM service desk from a help desk. You will learn how to get the best benefits from ITSM service desk in the next section.

ITSM Service Desk Benefits

People buy products according to their needs. When it comes to ITSM, people choose what they think offers the best value for their money. Let’s take a look at how you can get the best benefits from ITSM service desk:

Benefit Description
Accessible anytime and anywhere. Choose an ITSM desk software that provides cloud-based solutions. ITarian helps in ticket collection from various sources. This includes web portals, emails, and endpoint devices, among others.
Efficient communication. Your ITSM desk software should make sure that clients get the info they need. The resolution should contain customized greetings, automated emails and updates, and scripted responses.
Useful workflows. Your ITSM desk software should be effective in handling tickets. ITarian can automate ticket routing, offer SLA tracking, along with handle and manage escalations.
Visibility and reporting. One of the best features or benefits to get from an ITSM desk software is ease of use. ITarian offers an easy-to-use interface with tracking and reporting capabilities.
Knowledge sharing. Combining what one knows in a central location is important. This helps in reducing recurring incidents. Your ITSM desk software should let you document issues and provide possible solutions. ITarian does a good job at this.
Cost reduction. An ideal ITSM desk software helps your business save money, time, and effort. ITarian has so many features to offer without any extra cost!


Through this you knew what an ITSM desk service it. Likewise, the various types of service desk, and the difference between a service desk and a help desk. Plus, you also learned how to get the best benefits from ITSM service desk.

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