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Deliver the best data protection and disaster recovery for virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments

Acronis cloud backup protects your critical data with a complete easy-to-manage service that backups up any type of data from any source and recovers it with ease to any destination or system. Acronis allows you to streamline your backup strategy. With single click you can capture entire systems or perform granular backups of individual files. Restoration is fast and easy with the ability to restore to new or different hardware or hypervisor.

Why Acronis Backup Service?


With Acronis backup - Setting up, managing and customizing your backups using a central web-based management console that requires virtually zero training is feasible and it gives you the flexibility to customize your backups specifically for your needs.


Protection for any data type and any system. Acronis backup software helps to back up your data locally or to the cloud and recover to any destination or system. You'll have comprehensive usage and billing reports for all channels.

Multiple Layers of Security

Worried about the safety of your backup? No need to be, your backups are AES encrypted and protected with multiple layers of security. The backup service employs AES-256 encryption for data in-transit and at rest.


The Acronis backup software takes a hybrid approach that combines traditional and cloud backup technologies, providing you the ability to protect your entire environment no matter where your data lives.


Grow your business your way with multi-tier, multi-tenant services. Zero entry costs and a per-use business model eliminates any upfront investment.

How to create account and log in?

How to set up, manage and customize backups with Acronis?

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