How to Lose MSP Customers - Part Two

In the last blog post we talked extensively on the value of customer service and why it is one of your most valuable rmm tools. In part two of "How to Lose MSP Customers" we will touch on something all MSP businesses must avoid if they want to succeed, and that is the dreaded "D" word (downtime). We'll focus on why it is one of the biggest killers of customer relations and why frequent downtime is pretty much guaranteed to irritate and alienate your clients. Here are four things you can do if you want to find yourself searching through the "help wanted" classified ads soon.

1. Pay No Attention to Server Room Temperature

No rmm tools are more important than hardware and your server computers are the backbone of the entire system. Have you checked the server room lately and do you have some way to monitor temperature? Excessive heat is one of the biggest causes for server failure and when servers go down, it can result in significant downtime.

During the hot months of summer, you'll want to make sure the ambient temperature stays under 80 degrees. Ideally, the closer the temperature is to 70 degrees, the better, as this will provide optimum performance. Your RMM tools should include a temperature monitoring system which provides alerts when temperature goes above or below set limits.

RMM Tools

Airflow is an important consideration for server rooms. For example, make sure there are no kinds of clutter or obstructions to impede proper air circulation. Instead of placing server racks one in front of the other, consider placing them side by side as much as possible. This will allow maximum airflow around the servers.

Your rmm tools may need to include a separate air conditioning unit for the servers. Make sure ac units are properly installed and there is a way for drain water to be routed away from the room. This is an additional investment and will use more power but if you eliminate downtime, it is usually worth it.

2. Don't Waste Money on RMM Tools like UPS

If your servers have backup power generators, this should be sufficient. This kind of thinking is almost certain to end up with some major downtime in the future. Server computers and networks are extremely valuable rmm tools and should have a reliable UPS in place. It will cost more than cheap backup systems but will help to keep things running in case of major power failures.

What Does Uninterrupted Power Mean?

It's important to have backup power like generators but for servers, you need rmm tools to maintain power without any lags. It takes a little time for backup generators to start up and restore power temporarily. UPS keeps power going to your servers without a hitch. Here is an example.

If you are working on your laptop (plugged into an AC outlet) and the electricity goes off, the laptop will automatically go to battery power. This is how a UPS works and why you cannot afford to be without these important rmm tools.

Your UPS is made to work with backup power generators so there is no interruption in the electrical supply, which could result in computers going down and customers without service.

3. Don't Worry about Redundant of Failsafe Connections

Some techs may try to sell you on the idea of creating additional router, switches and many other connections in your network. These rmm tools are designed to keep things running in case a connection or access point fails. When you do not worry about these things, they may eventually cause you some downtime moments which could have easily been averted. If you enjoy making your customers mad and want them to be inconvenienced, then you are making the right choice by not installing any failsafe connections in the network.

4. Let Them Get Their Own Backup Data System

As an msp you are not obligated to provide rmm tools like backup data, although it is a good way to keep and earn new business. If you provide "no frills" services you can undercut the competition and eventually take over the entire msp market someday. This may actually happen, but you may have better chances spending money on the next large Powerball jackpot.

Remember what happened to Marie Antoinette, when she allegedly said, "let them eat cake". Your company could end up with similar results if you "let them take care of their own backup data needs". There are simple and effective ways to enjoy some of the best cloud backup service and they are highly affordable. ITarian provides high quality rmm tools for today's msp business and you can find us on the Web today at more info.

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