Quote Manager

Make the right impression from the get-go.

Quote Manager
Quote Manager

Why ITarian Quote Manager?

The quote process is one of the first opportunities for clients to interact with your business beyond initial marketing and sales conversations. You want to make a good impression with a complete and accurate quote that's delivered in a professional-looking proposal. ITarian's Quote Manager simplifies the process so sales reps can quickly create polished quotes that are integrated with CRM and operational systems—so they can spend more time building customer relationships.

ITarian Quote Manager enables you to:

  • Generate professional quotes quickly to shorten the sales cycle
  • Pull in and customize product information, pricing, and agreements
  • Have real-time visibility into quotes

Key benefits and capabilities of Quote Manager

Professional business templates

Create professional-looking quotes and proposals and customize them to fit your business requirements.

Automatic distributor feeds

Populate quotes with up-to-date product and price information from distributors.

Online quoting

Deliver quotes online with the ability to attach videos and documents to include a personal touch.


Provide detailed, easily accessible upsell options in quotes.

Sales cycle visibility

Get notified when a client views your quote for timely follow-up.

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