What Is Network Assessment And Why Is It Important

Introduction To Network Assessment

Whenever someone is about to enter college, that person takes some sort of IQ or admission test. This will measure that person’s knowledge. This test will also point out the areas that need improvement. This scenario is like a network assessment. So what is network assessment then?

Network assessment is the process of evaluating the current state of a network. It allows you to see the areas that need immediate attention. You can perform a series of tests or use a network assessment tool. A network assessment tool Is also known as network assessment software.

You will learn what is network assessment in detail in the next section. You will also learn why it is important to perform a network assessment.

What Is Network Assessment Software

What Is Network Assessment?

There are a lot of definitions and ways to explain what is network assessment. We’ll try to cover all these things here.

What is network assessment? It is the evaluation of the current condition of the hardware equipment in a network. This is checking the devices on your network on the physical level. A network admin or IT person checks for the physical condition of all devices within the network. This includes the workstations, routers, and servers among other things. On some occasions, external devices or endpoint devices would also undergo physical inspection. A report would then show what equipment needs repair, maintenance, or replacement.

What is network assessment? You can also review your network’s architecture by doing a network assessment. Wikipedia defines network architecture as the design of a network. This refers to the physical layout of a network. This also pertains to the protocols used in your network. Procedures and configurations are also part of the network architecture.

What is network assessment? It is a measurement of a network’s performance. A network assessment can measure your system using factors like speed and reliability. You can see the factors that affect the bandwidth of your network by doing a network assessment.

What is network assessment? It checks which network device is compliant with security standards and policies. This addresses some security issues as well. You now know what is network assessment. It is time for you to learn its importance.

What Is Network Assessment And Its Importance?

You have learned what is network assessment and now you will learn its importance. There are also three stages of a network assessment:

  1. Preparation – in this stage, the goal is to establish the scope of the network assessment.
  2. Actual assessment – this stage is where the actual network assessment happens.
  3. Post-assessment – this is where you generate reports and give feedback to the clients.

It is also necessary to know the importance of having a network assessment in the first place. Here are some of the reasons why a network assessment is important:

What Is Network Assessment And Why It’s Important: Reason #1

A network assessment identifies the vulnerabilities in a network. This includes the servers, endpoint devices, and the client workstations. A network assessment helps admins to identify these signs of weaknesses. These are the security holes where cybercriminals can gain access to your network.

It is important that network admins patch these vulnerabilities immediately. A security breach happens if these are not handled on time.

What Is Network Assessment And Why It’s Important: Reason #2

A network assessment enables admins to identify the entry points in the system. After this, they can generate a report about the various security risks found. This report contains a mitigation plan addressing each security issue.

It is important to have a detailed report after doing a network assessment. This serves as the basis for future security implementations as well.

What Is Network Assessment And Why It’s Important: Reason #3

A network assessment opens doors of business opportunities. Satisfied customers go back for more. This is where a relationship develops and is good for your business. Clients always think about their safety. A safe environment generates more revenue.

It is important to secure every part of a network. A safe workplace offers peace of mind. This leads to increase productivity as well.


You now know what is network assessment. You are also now aware of its importance. There are a lot of network monitoring tools out there that can help you. Choosing the right one will save you time and money. Do you need more information on network assessment or network monitoring tools? Kindly visit this link then.