What Is Network Vulnerability Assessment

Introduction To Network Vulnerability Assessment

Do you remember someone inspecting the condition of the building you are in? That person is a safety inspector. That person is doing a standard safety inspection of the building. A scenario like this also happens in the world of computing. They call it network vulnerability assessment. But what is network vulnerability assessment?

Network Vulnerability Assessment meaning

A network vulnerability assessment identifies the security vulnerabilities of a network. These vulnerabilities or weaknesses are the security holes in your network. This would lead to security breaches if solutions are not given.

The importance of vulnerability assessment is of great value. Someone from the IT department does this work. They use various network vulnerability assessment tools and this depends on the situation.

You will know what is network vulnerability assessment in the next section. You will learn the different network vulnerability assessment steps or stages as well.

What Is Network Vulnerability Assessment?

What is network vulnerability assessment? To answer this topic question, let’s breakdown each word and define each as well. We’ll later arrive at a good definition.

A network is a group of connected computers that share information with each other. A typical network consists of several workstations or client computers and a server. They are all connected by cables. An example of this is a home network. A personal computer connects to the internet through a router. An ISP or internet service provider offers this device. The router connects the personal computer to the ISP’s server or network.

A vulnerability is a sign of weakness. It is a security hole or risk in computing. You can find a vulnerability in both hardware and software. An example of this is the usage of weak passwords. This is a very common security risk in a working environment. This also shows the ineffective implementation of security policies.

Assessment is synonymous with the words evaluating, measuring, and checking. Conducting an assessment requires planning and information gathering.

What is network vulnerability assessment then? It is the process of checking a group of computers for signs of weaknesses. It checks the entire network for any security risk. It is important to conduct a network vulnerability assessment on a regular basis.

Patching the vulnerabilities should be on time as well. A patch contains bug fixes and software updates. Using a good patch management software is advisable.

You now know what is network vulnerability assessment. You will learn the different steps or stages in conducting one in the next section.

What Is Network Vulnerability Assessment And The Steps To Do It

What is network vulnerability assessment? It is checking the network for security risks that might turn into security threats. Conducting this on a regular basis strengthens network security. It also has several steps or stages as follows:

What Is Network Vulnerability Assessment: First Stage

The first stage is the preparation stage. It is where all the planning takes place. Laying out the objectives or goals of the assessment happens on this stage. Information gathering also occurs on this stage. Identifying the parts of the network that needs immediate action is a priority.

What Is Network Vulnerability Assessment: Second Stage

This is where the actual network vulnerability assessment happens. The scanning of hardware and software for security holes occurs on this stage. Each part of the network undergoes a thorough evaluation.

Checking the existing security policies for inconsistencies also occurs at this stage. Including regular IT tasks on this stage is advisable. This includes running antivirus software and checking for software updates. There are good network vulnerability assessment tools out there that can help you.

What Is Network Vulnerability Assessment: Third Stage

This is the post-assessment or final stage. Delivering a final report about the results occurs on this stage. The interpretation, recommendation, and remediation part also happen on this stage. Facilitating a meeting to educate everyone about the results is advisable.

Those are the fundamental stages when conducting a network vulnerability assessment. Identifying the network’s weaknesses is one part of the big picture. Resolving these weaknesses is the most important part.


Scanning and identifying a network for vulnerabilities is a must thing to do. This prevents security risks from becoming threats. An attacker would not be successful if you think ahead of them. Generating a risk report and having a mitigation plan is also necessary.

You are now aware of what is network vulnerability assessment. You are now familiar with the different stages of a network vulnerability assessment. For more information, you can visit this link.