The Network Assessment Benefits for Managed Service Providers

A network assessment supports enterprises acquire a comprehensive view of their network and current status. It also gives them information on how to improve the overall performance of the processes and address security vulnerabilities. Network assessment allows Managed Service Providers (MSP) to gain a true picture of the existing network of new customers, before signing on a service providing contract. Without an assessment, the MSP would not know the scale of issues or vulnerabilities in the potential new client's network. The lack of knowledge gives them a blind spot on how to fix problems in the network and how to rate their service.

Network Assessment Benefits

The Network Assessment Benefits

Here’s the list of the benefit of network assessment for Managed Service Providers:

Identify the Bottlenecks that are Causing Problems

The client may contact the MSPs for a lot of reasons. When the MSP is done conducting a network assessment, they can determine if it is outdated hardware, the number of users during peak times, or even the materials used for connectivity. A network assessment identifies these bottlenecks so you know where to start getting the issues fixed.

The type of connections used can impact network performance. Moreover, there are other issues like inefficiencies, bottlenecks, problems with equipment installation, issues with network devices like routers, and other performance issues caused by users, apps, hardware, or connectivity that affect the overall performance of a network. An MSP can recognize these bottlenecks add or lessen some elements in the network to improve its current state.

Set a Baseline for Normal Performance

Monitoring networks and giving solutions don't work properly unless you have established a solid baseline for normal performance. A network assessment can help set a baseline, as well as set thresholds at which a notification can be sent to signal a potential network problem or a breach of the infrastructure security.

Determine the Capabilities & Shortcomings of the Client’s Network

MSPs can't begin mapping out where a network is going until a client establish where they are currently. That's where a network assessment comes in.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of their network? A professional network assessment identifies the sources of any interference in their network, as well as the areas of user density, the apps sucking the most bandwidth, the devices causing the most congestion, and any network design problems they might have. Alternately, the assessment can point out all the things your network designers and managers are doing right.

Manage Client’s Inventory

Does the client know what equipment do they have in their stockroom? Can they still use them? Or the other equipment that is nearing to their end. A network assessment is just what they need to get a handle on their hardware inventory and their IT assets.

What hardware and devices are on their network? Having a strategy to monitor IT assets requires that you first identify what is in their infrastructure. This also allows them to differentiate the important devices, software and the ones that they should be tossing out that make their network unsafe. The unsafe equipment and software come with unnecessary vulnerabilities, are outdated, or need to be replaced.

A Chance to Get the Latest Technology

A network assessment can identify hardware on the network that is slowing things down or causing security gaps due to its age. It can also help find any firmware that needs to be updated and allows you to budget for new equipment to replace the older stuff. Old hardware doesn't just cause performance issues; it can also lead to security vulnerabilities that businesses can ill afford in the era of the data breach. With that, it is a chance for a brand new change for the development of your network.

Receive Documentation of the Findings

The MSPs use network assessment software that gives them a summary of the network health. All of these findings are delivered to the clients after the assessment in a written report. Essentially, it delivers answers to all the questions included in their network audit checklist. The report contains all of the things they need to do to address issues that are clogging the network, take to the C-suite to lobby for a bigger budget, and to use for upgrades, updates, training initiatives, and more.


We hope that the MSPs and their clients learned how great a network assessment software can contribute to their business. Considering all of the benefits stated above, network assessment helps in critical decision making in every IT department. If you are in search of an efficient network assessment software, please consider using ITarian Network Assessment Software.

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