Best Project Management Software for MSP

As new business challenges emerge, managed services providers need to adapt. The good news is that every year, various tools are developed, released, or improved. They can aid you in resolving issues on your daily operations.

Best Project Management Software 2023

To keep up with the changing practices, advancing technology, and sophisticated threats, MSPs need these solutions to thrive. One of which is the best project management software for MSP.

With the pandemic still going on, companies across different industries are forced to shift to remote work. For many MSPs, it has affected their productivity, quality of service, and revenue as they try to meet customer’s needs while considering the way they work.

Having the best project management software allows companies to have streamlined, efficient, cost-effective, and robust systems in place. In this article, we will take a look at the project management tools that you can implement in your business to tackle challenges, both new and old alike.

Best MSP Project Management Software

1. Asana

This tool is one of the best project management software. It has a lot of features which can help improve your productivity.

For starters, it lets you create to-do lists and reminders, so you’ll avoid scrambling over deadlines. You can even add due dates, colleagues, specific instructions, and comment on items. Sharing photos from other applications is also a breeze. What’s more, you can monitor everything that you and your teammates are working on to ensure that you’re all on the same page and the project meets the schedule.

Asana offers different plans. There’s Basic tier with limited features and there’s Premium, Business, and Enterprise tiers for those who can spend a little more on additional functionalities.

2. Trello

Trello is one of the best project management software for MSPs in recent years. It allows you to manage your projects and tasks through different devices, whether computer, tablet, or smartphones.

It allows you to set up boards to consolidate and arrange the things you’re working on. It also lets you assign tasks among workmates, customize workflows, add to-do lists, attach files, and comment on items. Simply put, it enables you to manage the different aspects of a project within the application, regardless if you’re working on your own or as a team. It supports Windows and Mac users, and it has mobile applications available for Android and iOS devices. It also has a version that’s specially made for iPad Pro users, which has a larger canvas and various email shortcuts to finish projects quickly.

You can download it for free to try it out, but there’s a limit on the size of file attachments. Upgrading to Business Class gives you extra features such as email support, higher attachment size limit, and integration with other apps.

3. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is another candidate for the best project management software for MSP. This platform allows you to track projects and manage an organization’s human resources. It provides reports so you can shift workloads efficiently whenever a new project starts. It is perfect for medium to large organizations, considering its price range.

Liquid Planner lets you view projects and tasks in two ways – through a Gantt chart or Kanban cards. When you use the Gantt chart view, you can easily compare a project’s actual task completion timeline to your estimated schedule. This way, you can see how fast or slow you’re moving.

In addition, Liquid Planner has built-in functionality for managing employees’ time. It lets employees input vacation times into the software so managers can see what tasks will be affected. It also helps managers identify which employees have too much work and those who don’t have any existing tasks.

LiquidPlanner only has two pricing tiers, which are both steep. The Professional plan costs $540 per person per year while the Enterprise plan costs $828 per user per year.

4. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is another project management platform to vouch for. It has a robust feature set that distinguishes it from competitors. The software seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Zoho ecosystem, which includes apps for email, IT management, CRM, finance, meetings, and more.

It also has features like Gantt charts and the ability to keep track of billing time on multiple projects. In addition, you also get communication tools, such as real-time chat boxes, forum pages, and video conferencing.

This solution can be used for free by up to five users, although it is limited to two projects. Its paid plans are much more affordable than other project management platforms. This makes it attractive for small businesses and startups that want to save money.

Final Thought

The working environment is changing and business practices are evolving. Businesses must rely on the best project management software for MSP that lets them keep up with these changes. Whatever challenges your MSP faces this year and beyond, a quality software solution can assist.

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Best MSP Software 2023

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