TreeSize is a hard disk space manager supported by Microsoft Windows OS. TreeSize provides graphical insight into how and where your hard disk, NAS or server space is being used - locally as well as across your network. In the hierarchical treemap chart, the size of the tiles mirrors the size of the directories they represent. Each folder-tile contains tiles symbolising sub folders, file types, or files. All this makes the treemap chart an easy-to-understand visualisation of the allocation of disk space and the drive space usage.




License: Freemium


  • Adjust the level of detail of the information that is shown in the tree map using a slider.
  • Customise whether or not files and file types are shown in the tree map
  • Modify the colours of the treemap chart to fit your preferences.
  • Choose between a flat 2D view and a 3D view that shows the tiles like a cushion.
  • The TreeSize treemap chart supports Drag&Drop operations.