TreeSize is a disk space management tool compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems. TreeSize offers graphical representations to help users understand the usage of their hard disk, NAS, or server space, locally and network-wide. In the hierarchical treemap chart, the size of each tile corresponds to the size of the directory it represents. Each folder tile includes smaller tiles representing subfolders, file types, or individual files. This design makes the treemap chart an intuitive visualization for understanding disk space allocation and usage.




License: Freemium


  • Adjust the detail level of information displayed in the treemap using a slider.
  • Customize the visibility of files and file types in the treemap.
  • Change the color scheme of the treemap chart according to your preferences.
  • Select between a flat 2D view and a 3D view that presents the tiles in a cushion-like appearance.
  • The TreeSize treemap chart supports Drag&Drop operations.