Advantages of Bacula OSX Over Other Backup Programs

Bacula allows a computer user to recover data, back it up, and verify it as well. OSX on the other hand is an operating system owned by the Apple company and is specifically used on Mac computers. OSX came in as a replacement of the MAC OS 9, better known as Mac OS Classic.

The difference between a Mac Computer and a PC (Personal Computer), is that a Mac runs on the Mac OSX operating system (OS) while a PC runs on Windows. Mac is owned by the Apple company.

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4 Advantages of Using Bacula OSX Over Other Backup Programs

This article will highlight four advantages of making use of Bacula OSX over other backup programs.

1. Backing up and data recovery of clients

Companies and computer users using Bacula OSX have the assurance of having their data backed up and the data of their clients recovered as well. Sometimes there is the worry of getting a backup program that only backups only what the company has inputted in the computers being used.

The advantage is that even the data of their clients perhaps put up via their website, gets back up and can get restored as well in cases where files get lost or a computer crash.

Bacula OSX

2. It is possible to backup data without any client software

One may be curious in wanting to know how to do they back up their client’s data without involving the client(s) in the process. With the use of Bacula OSX, it is possible to back up data without any client’s software. Immediately client inputs in their data say via a company’s website or social media channel, the data is backed up.

Instances, where client’s information is needed in most companies, is when a client is registering with the company, this majorly being online registration and if they are purchasing a good or paying for a service from the company. The aspect of a company being able to back up their data comes in handy at this COVID-19 pandemic period where online-based services are emphasized and the avoidance of having their clients go to the company’s offices as well.

3. Bacula OSX is four times as fast as other commercial application

Everything that is done in a snap of a second is always best and is preferred over taking a longer period trying to get the same thing. Many backup programs are readily available but Bacula OSX surpasses other backup programs because it is running way faster than other backup programs.

What companies or computer users look out for is not just backing up or restoring their data but doing it at a fast speed. Sometimes there may be constraints of how fast a computer file is needed and yet it is not found. It may also be that the data that requires to be backed up needs to be shared with someone else hence there is the need to back it up so that even when the copy is sent out, it will remain in the server or the computer being used.

4. Has a script that will restart your networking

There is an instance where computer users experience power cut-outs or even their server experiencing some challenges. In such instances, the internet network a computer user is using to receive internet connectivity may be cut out or get disrupted. If a computer user however has the right Internet Protocol (IP) address, Bacula OSX has the capability of restarting your computer’s network.

It is for such a reason, that computer users are encouraged to start making use of Bacula OSX to keep their work flowing and have no disruption in the work they are doing on their computers. Companies that want to ensure that their data and computer files are backed up as well, should ensure that the computers used in their companies use Bacula OSX as opposed to other backup programs.


These four advantages are backing up and data recovery of clients, it is possible to backup data without any client software, Bacula OSX is four times as fast as other commercial applications and it has a script that will restart your networking.

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