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End users submit formal requests to the IT Service Desk for organized tracking and maintenance. The request can go as simple as setting up new employee accounts to resolving computer breakdowns. To be more specific, the IT Service Desk is just a mere maintenance service for companies that chose to outsource IT services. There are also incident requests which are unplanned interruptions to an IT service, such as computer breakdowns, printer breakdowns, and so on, which can have an adverse impact on their network and their in-house staff most likely incapable of resolving.

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What can an IT Service Desk do?

An IT Service Desk manages all IT service management related tasks that concern the whole company. It serves as a single point of contact between users and IT service management. IT service desks are supposed to handle issues ranging from computer malfunction to printer breakdowns within a network in a systematic manner and hassle-free manner.

IT service desks implement what are known as "service desk tickets”. Users file these tickets to get the assistance they need from the IT Service Desk services. This is simply an ordering system of giving a unique id to every IT service management related issue - for smooth handling various network issues. Furthermore, these service desk tickets are usually divided into 2 major categories: namely, service request and incident request.

Types of Requests in ITarian

It is an important factor in IT Service Desk implementation that the users know the difference between a service request and an incident request.

Service Request

This request is meant for simple tasks such as new employee accounts setup, password change, email accounts, software installation or removing website browsing limitations.

Incident Request

This request is meant for major issues such as computer breakdown, data breach, or problems resulting in system disruption.

Note: The Service Desk managers still have the freedom to customize their ticket categories. By default, the service request and incident request are commonly used.

The Primary Features of the ITarian IT Service Desk

Aside from the types of tickets that are used, ITarian IT Service Desk thrives in its primary key features to implement the quality service that the Managed Service Providers need. Here are the seven features of ITarian Service Desk to implement its quality service:

# 1: Dashboard

At-a-glance overview of ticket activity over time. The charts and tables on the dashboard allow you to quickly view the overall status of your operation. The dashboard also provides a starting point from which you can deep-dive into more detailed areas.

# 2: Customer Web Portal

No account registration is required for users to submit tickets. Service Desk allows end-users to view their ticket thread by logging in with their email address and ticket number.

# 3: Tickets Creation

Allows users to raise tickets in multiple ways – via email, over the phone to an agent and web portal as a guest or as a registered user. Service Level Agreements (SLA) easily define service level agreements and configure ticket due dates and warnings to match.

# 4: Projects

Staff members can create Gantt charts to plan and track progress on company projects. Individual tasks and sub-tasks can be assigned completion percentages, time spent and billable time. Service desk tickets can also be bound to any task, meaning any updates in the ticket regarding completion, time-spent and billable time will be dynamically reflected in the parent task.

# 5: Time Sheets

Timesheets allow admins to evaluate the performance of staff and track their working hours. Staff can create and submit time sheets in the 'My Time Sheets' interface of the staff panel. Admins can review and approve sheets by clicking 'Staff > Time Sheets'.

# 6: Contracts

MSP administrators can create service contracts with customers as required. Contracts allow you to define weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or annual subscription fees for services and to offer 'pre-paid hours' that will be covered by the subscription. Administrators can also define rates for various asset types to calculate service charges.

# 7: Charging Plans

Charging plans are templates that define custom hourly rates for specific service types or assets. Charging plans are applied to customer contracts. The rates in the plan are applied after any prepaid hours in the contract have been used up.

About ITarian

ITarian is a fully featured IT management platform that serves as a complete management and protection system for Managed Service Provider (MSPs) and IT administrators. The ITarian is a complete, scalable central IT management platform that includes Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Service Desk, Patch Management, Mobile and Endpoint security management and other essential IT management tools for MSPs in a single, easily navigated console.

The comprehensive and powerful ITarian IT operating platform helps you simplify operations, boost productivity, and better utilize IT resources. It includes all the essential IT management tools, including remote monitoring and management, remote access and control, service desk, and patch management. For free.

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