Offer Full SOC Capabilities and Become an MSSP--with ZERO upfront investment!

ITarianMSSP platform is designed for MSSPs and based on ITarian's high level expertise

ITarianMSSP Platform is our cloud-based SOC solution that is designed to fulfill the needs of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). With the Cloud edition of NxSIEM at its core, the MSSP Platform is armed with enterprise-class network and intrusion detection, network security monitoring, and packet inspection sensors. It can fuse any security data that you have and provide actionable intelligence.

Why ITarianMSSP Platform?

ITarian is becoming Managed Security Services Provider that transforms years of its experience in Security area into security services. ITarianDragonLabs, previously only provides penetration testing, now provides 7x24 log analysis, incident monitoring and response with its own MSSP Platform on top.

ITarianMSSP platform is designed specifically MSSPs and MSPs in mind. It is not just a regular SIEM that you use. It is a platform to manage all your use cases.

ITarianMSSP platform is an umbrella platform designed to fulfill all the requirements and use case scenarios for an MSSP. ITarianMSSP platform is also the ideal platform for MSPs that want to provide security service to their customers with high level of confidence.

Use a solution that is designed for you

  • Use ITarianexpertise when needed
  • Offer best quality to your customers while reducing costs
  • Pay as your business grows. Enjoy benefits of big data infrastructure like high performance on huge data or massive scalability.

Key Takeaways:

  • SIEM technology is vital in detecting threats and addressing compliance needs.
  • ITarian's NxSIEM Cloud platform provides real-time threat management
  • Small and medium sized IT organizations are turning to MSSPs to lessen their reliance on costly investments in security management and monitoring equipment.
  • There is a huge opportunity for MSPs to increase their billable rates and recurring revenue with SIEM technology


MSSP platform is for MSSPs that prefer low-cost high quality cloud service backed by ITarianexpertise. MSSP platform also offers a great opportunity for MSPs that are seeking ways to grow their business by providing security services to their customers. Enterprises who are looking for a top level SIEM solution are also welcome, we deliver security services and managed SIEM solutions customized for your needs.

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