How the Best IT ticketing System Helps a Small Business

When operating a small business, your decisions shape your customers’ experiences and make or break their brand loyalty. You need to do everything in your power to earn customer trust by taking special requests, answering their questions promptly, installing the best IT ticketing systems, and other things that give them a personalized experience.

If you are running on a tight budget, you might assume that answering the customers’ questions via a shared box is the best thing. However, this has its limitations, which you only discover when the business starts expanding. Some of the problems of a shared box include:

Delayed responses

When you do not have a seamless workflow for routing incoming queries to the right customer service agent, some urgent customer issues might miss their assignment deadline, and others might be omitted entirely. This reflects poorly on your business brand and gives the customers a bad experience.

Duplicate Agent Effort

A shared inbox does not allow you to track new customers, open and unsolved conversations easily. The lack of visibility might lead to two agents responding to one conversation, leading to effort duplications.

 Best IT ticketing System
Reduction of Agent Productivity

Some conversations might include basic how-to queries and repetitive questions. If you do not have a way of tackling these types of questions, responding to the same questions over and over will eat into a considerable chunk of their time.

Minimalized Collaborations

To resolve customer issues, you may need help from other quarters, such as the billing or product teams. A shared box has limitations like forwarding conversations to the concerned team, which reduces efficient collaboration across teams.

How an IT Ticketing Team Helps Your Business

An IT ticketing system helps your business in different ways:

1.Streamlines Your Support

If you would like to do more than email and support your customers via different channels, you can use an IT ticketing system. It will handle your business conversations across all the channels via one inbox.

The system will provide you with multiple channel support on your website, phone, chat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It will ensure that your team responds on time by setting up basic SLAs (service level agreements)

2.Minimalized Bottlenecks via Automation

Using an IT system automates repetitive tasks that eat into your time and allows you to focus on delivering the best customer experiences. The system automatically routes customer conversations to the appropriate agents based on varying factors such as message content, language requirements, agents’ skills, etc.

The best IT ticketing system will close the customer loop by setting rules for follow-up or sending a feedback survey. It will ultimately flag poor experiences from customers or speed up a conversation that exceeds the expected wait time.

3.Scales Your Support Via Self-Service

An excellent IT ticketing system allows you to provide your customers with 24/7 worldwide customer support without increasing your team members. You can set up a knowledge base complete with help guides and FAQs to take care of basic questions. A widget embedded on your website plus a chatbot on the customer portal provides visitors with contextual assistance. The system allows you to build an active community that helps your customers to interact.

4.Improves Your Agents’ Productivity

A ticketing system ensures that your agents have everything needed to provide seamless customer issue resolutions. The response to repetitive customer queries via a keystroke is possible by the use of template responses.

The onboarding of new agents is faster and assists them to catch up quickly by using agent help bots to suggest the agent the following best action. The time taken to search for customers’ details is reduced by providing all the required information an agent needs to handle customer conversations.

5.Improve Collaboration

As your business expands, collaboration becomes an integral part of your customer service. An IT ticketing system has features that help your team collaborate without any friction. The team can collaborate with accountability and transparency by sharing the ownership of the conversations.

The splitting of large requests from customers into smaller and manageable tasks offers faster problem resolution. The team can resolve several conversations by linking similar requests and then broadcasting the responses or updates.

6.Track and Measure Team Progress

An effective IT ticketing system provides you with regular reports that help you to gauge your performance and make changes if need be. You get a view of all the open yet unresolved conversations or your CSAT scores using your dashboards.

You can analyze ticket trends, monitor the level of customer satisfaction, and gauge your team’s performance via the ticketing system's in-built reports. You can create customized reports and monitor key support metrics that are critical to your team.


An IT ticketing system helps a business brand to grow by allowing you to control your customer experiences. If a customer is happy, they will support your brand, and the faster you solve their problems, the better they will feel about your business.


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