A centralized platform to record and manage your clients’ hardware, software and security requirements.

Simplifies and accelerates the discovery process, allowing you to focus on providing the best service to your clients.

Align client technologies, reduce noise and lower support tickets by standardizing the services you provide to clients.

Comprehensive knowledge about your clients’ technology stack will help you plan, budget and deliver your services more effectively

The TAP helps MSPs extract better, more actionable information from their customers about the status of their network, and to generate a focused plan to address their needs.

Technology Assessment Platform

Technology Assessment and Planning Process Flow

The goals of the assessment are to accumulate wisdom about a client’s systems, identify opportunities for savings, highlight areas where investment is needed, to improve labor efficiency, lower operating costs, and to increase visibility into the organization and its operations.

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TAP Process Flow

Extensive yet uncomplicated official procedures of communication with your customer. Drive the IT terrains with smooth handling even over the most complex tasks and workflows.

Tailor the platform to best suit your customers and give them complete peace of mind by managing their IT systems with the Technical Assessment Platform.

Prepare highly professional reports using the Technology Assessment Results and ITarian together.

Customer assets and processes are broken down by category and each is assigned a score. From here, you can confidently formulate an action-plan which you can present to your customer in a highly professional report.

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Technology Assessment Results

Empowers your technicians to produce well-defined technical data that grants the role of valid business advisors that identify the likely and inherent weak system points.

Permit your customers to observe the complete company-wide IT infrastructure to warrant the preservation of many departments’ systems. Keep all systems updated, current and compliance with the protection rules in authority.

Begin to create high-level plans for your customers to understand the timeline, technical evaluations, and budgetary needs for improving their IT systems.

TAP Laptop

Become more efficient with Technology Assessment Results and ITarian together.