Patch Manager Software

Four Reasons To Implement Patch Manager Software

If you work in IT, you've heard of patch management, but you may not know what they are or how they're important. At ITarian, we believe that information is power, so we want to ensure that you're aware of what patch management is, why patches are needed and how patch manager software can help you achieve your goals.

What They Are

Patches are updates for operating systems and software that fix particular bugs in the application. They may also contain hotfixes, which can safely close vulnerabilities to security.

How They're Used

Most system administrators wait until there are a known problem and productivity suffers, or a breach has been made because they don't want to risk causing more problems. At ITarian, we understand the situation thoroughly, but also know that you're putting yourself at more risk. Our patch manager program:

  • Checks for new patches
  • Tells you they are available and that they're meant for that particular system
  • Allows you to test them first before deploying to the whole network
  • Allows you to deploy patches while still working

Instead of waiting until there is a problem, it may be better to start the patching process as soon as they're released. With our patch management solution, it's even simpler, because it will do most of the traditional functions on its own.

Patch Manager Software

Why Use Them

The reasons why you should implement patch manager include:

  • Staying informed about new patches
  • Downloaded quickly and easily, without you being present
  • Deployment only takes a few clicks
  • Monthly reports and inventory allow you to know exactly what's there and whether or not it is current.

We want everyone's networks and computers to be secure, so we offer our product of charge. Contact us today to learn more about patch management.

What is Patch Management?


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