Patch Management Software

Brief Description of Patch Management Software and Its Features and Benefits

What is Patch Management?

Every business these days makes use of computers to run their day-to-day operations. While use of computers certainly enhances their business, they are also confronted with the task of maintaining these computers in proper condition to ensure their business runs smoothly.

Patch management is one such maintenance task (which these businesses have to perform) referring to the act of applying patches to various computers within a network, so that they stay protected against various evolving security threats out there. [A patch nothing but a security fix to a previously existing vulnerability in software].

ITarian's patch management helps IT Staff to automate the deployment of these security patches to the systems in a network to ensure these systems are safe against various security threats.

Why Patch Management Software for Enterprise?

Enterprises - or businesses - obviously cannot afford to bring to halt (even for a short period) their activities. Because doing so would mean a loss for them; loss in terms of money and customers. Therefore "continuous and seamless operation" is needed for them in order to reap the benefits. And carrying out regular "patch management" is one way of accomplishing this.

Patch Management Software

Automated Patch Management for Windows, Mac & Linux

Patch Management for Windows

Microsoft keeps releasing its patches for operating systems and applications quite frequently. Keeping track of them and updating your enterprise computers with each of these patches can be a cumbersome task. But doing so is essential. WannaCry ransomware attack was a perfect example of what would happen if enterprises don't keep their Windows OS(s) updated with the latest patches released by Microsoft.

ITarian's patch management facilitates Windows Patch management with ease. It ensures enterprise computers are automatically updated with the latest Windows patches without the need for any manual intervention.

Patch Management for Linux and Ubuntu

Then there is Linux and Ubuntu operating systems as well. And not matter how secure an operating system is, each and everyone of them needs to be patched. ITarianpatch management facilitates automatic patch management for Linux and Ubuntu operating systems as well.

What is Patch Management?

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