Patch Management Tools

What do a video card, a router, and a processor all have in common? The answer is that they all contain software. Software is an important aspect of computing. It is necessary for controlling different hardware equipment and for doing various computing tasks. Updating it on a regular basis is advisable. You can do this by using patch management tools.

Operating systems like Windows and Linux are also software. These are types of software that control and manage both hardware and programs. Software is a general term used to describe the non-tangible parts of a computing device. It can refer to a program, an application, and embedded programming code (firmware). Updating software is vital and mandatory. Using patch management tools can help you with this.

Patch Management Tools

We can now conclude that patch management is the process of updating software. A patch is an installable piece of code that contains software bug fixes and upgrades. A popular example of a patch is a Windows update. This is a built-in patch management software or feature in Windows, though you can still apply patches by using third-party patch management tools.

You will learn about the importance of patch management tools in the next section, as well as the benefits of patch management.

Why Are Patch Management Tools Important?

Objects that are important to us have value to them. The same logic applies to computers. Hardware and software need updating because both contain valuable data. Here are the reasons you need patch management tools:

  • It's important to identify what endpoint devices are vulnerable and need patching. This includes tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Patch management tools like ITarian products offer support for these endpoint devices.
  • It's important to schedule and automate the entire update process for applications. It is tiresome to do these processes by yourself. ITarian's patch management tool assists you with automating the whole patching process.
  • It's important that operating system updates are deployable from any location. A critical update to a known bug is a top priority. ITarian's patch management tool lets you apply and deploy patches from anywhere. Another term for this is remote patching.
  • It's important to see the statistics of accessible updates for endpoint devices. ITarian's patch management tool is easy to use and has a central dashboard with analytics and reporting functionalities.

The Benefits of Using Patch Management Tools

The primary purpose of patching is to fix software errors. A patch contains fixes for known vulnerabilities and firmware and driver updates. Here are the benefits you get from using ITarian's patch management tools:

Benefits/Features Description
Comprehensive Patch Sourcing ITarian's patch management tools support various sources of patch intelligence. This includes the following:
  • Microsoft Security Bulletin.
  • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).
  • Automated crawler Systems.
  • Software Vendors.
ITarian also uses machine learning in gathering patch intelligence.
Automated System Discovery ITarian's patch management tools provide a real-time view of your network. They can automate the discovery of endpoints. They can also identify missing and installed security patches.
Prioritization and Scheduling The priority of patch deployment depends on the severity, vendor, and the type. ITarian's patch management tools can automate the scheduling of important updates. They also notify you when to get and issue the patches.
Efficient Deployment ITarian's patch management tools can install patches by time, computer, and group. They can also schedule the patch installation through the triggering of events.
Change Management ITarian's patch management tools track and report the following:
  • Network status changes.
  • Failed deployment attempts.
  • Endpoint patch policies.
  • Applied and missing patches.
Audit and Assessment ITarian's patch management tools can patch and track every program on the network. This also gives visibility into the global patch inventory. They use advanced network status and health reports.
Compliance ITarian's patch management tools are configurable to the schedule you set. This preserves consistency and compliance for the entire organization or business.
Testing ITarian's patch management tools can do extensive and deep testing. You can run and test patches by bulk or one by one.


You learned the definition of patch management tools, their importance, and benefits. You now understood why ITarian is the right choice for your patch management needs. You can enjoy many benefits without spending more when using ITarian products and services. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get your trial today!

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