Benefits of Using Microsoft Managed Service Provider

The increasing number of threats targeted towards organizations make IT security a priority. That said, if you’re using Microsoft, working with an expert managed service provider makes sense. They are familiar with Microsoft’s security features and how to use them to comply with the latest industry requirements.

When you work with a Microsoft MSP, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Maximize Your Microsoft Service’s Existing Capabilities

Microsoft’s cloud computing systems have many security features, but you need to know how to use them first. Your MSP will help you make the most out of these features by including them in a security plan. They have the know-how, resources, and tools to protect your data and the entire business network.

For instance, your Microsoft 365 managed service provider can help you set up your password requirements, enable email logging and disable email forwarding, and more. It helps that they know how to go over your platform’s security features and use them to improve your proactive cybersecurity plan.

Design a Scalable Infrastructure

Microsoft Managed Service Provider

The decision to migrate to a Microsoft solution might be easy, but overseeing the migration isn’t. From supervising the migration and designing an appropriate cloud computing system for your business’ needs, your Microsoft managed service provider will be of enormous help to you.

Their expertise will give you the most suitable and scalable system that will expand or minimize according to future needs. Hiring a Microsoft MSP can make the transition as painless as possible, without disrupting your business operations.

Easy Relationship with Your Microsoft Solution

Instead of figuring out who to contact over a concern or question about your Microsoft solution, you can easily reach out to your Microsoft managed service provider for support. It doesn’t matter if it’s an issue about billing, licensing, or a technical matter, you can ask your MSP about it. Their in-depth knowledge about your system means they can give you the answers that you’re looking for.

No Need for In-house Experts

It is ideal to hire IT experts to manage a new Microsoft system you’re not familiar with, but it will cost you a lot to do so. You will have to pay in-house staff their salary, benefits, and training to keep up with the developments of your Microsoft system. You can cut all these costs down, though, if you work with a Microsoft managed service provider. An MSP can give you the constant and effective support you need while saving money.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Despite not having in-house staff managing your system, your Microsoft managed service provider can step in with 24/7 monitoring. Leave it to your MSP to keep track of your system’s activities at all times, its performance, and potential problems. Before your system goes down, the MSP will likely spot the telltale signs of a problem and prevent it from happening. If it does happen, their expertise will help them resolve the issue effectively and quickly.

Anticipate Advanced Features

You don’t need to pay for training to keep your in-house IT staff up-to-date with the latest features of your Microsoft system. Instead, a Microsoft managed service provider will do it for you so you can maximize the use of your system’s latest applications and services.

Your MSP might even know about the upcoming advanced features before they hit the market. What’s even better is they will know what updates you should take and what you shouldn’t, based on your business’ needs.

Once they choose the right advanced features to implement, they will take care of the updates and even take the time to educate you about these.

Save on Microsoft Solution Maintenance

Every computing solution needs maintenance, which takes money, time, and effort. A Microsoft managed service provider can do all the backups, patching, and routine maintenance your system needs instead of passing this off to your in-house IT staff.

Don’t weigh your internal resources down with time-consuming and costly maintenance. Your MSP will do all the work for you. It’s part of their services when they sign on as your managed service provider. They can also manage unexpected problems that may arise throughout your use of Microsoft’s system. Their experience can lessen downtime and reduce errors every time your system runs into emergencies.

ITarian Can Help

Are you sold on the idea of working with a Microsoft managed service provider? It will be worth it, given the benefits you can get from hiring one. If you want to hire an MSP, explore more of what ITarian can do for you. We can help you maximize your IT resources, boost productivity, and everything in between.

ITarian has a team of experts that helps you decrease the complexity of your IT tasks. We take on a number of tasks that are vital for the success of your organization. Contact us now to get the right IT solution for your system!


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