Open Visual Traceroute

Open Visual Traceroute is a Java-based, cross-platform networking toolkit which displays the path of your web traffic on 3D world map. Despite the "Traceroute" name, that's not all. Bonus features include a Whois tool, and a WinPcap-powered packet sniffer which shows exactly what your traffic contains.Basic traceroute tasks are just as straightforward. Type a host or IP address in the box, hit Enter and Open Visual Traceroute sends packets to the host and detects every server on the route table with all the key data: IP address, host name, town/ country/ latitude/ longitude, latency, DNS lookup time and distance from the previous node.

Open Visual Traceroute

Open Visual Traceroute

  • MAC

License: GPLv3


  • Traceroute
  • Packet sniffer
  • Whois
  • 3D and 2D Map visualisation
  • Export data to image or text
  • Gantt view