How to Use Bacula Windows Backup Software?

Bacula is an open-source Windows backup software that is best suited for people looking to acquire a free backup for their server or Windows machine. Bacula is able to achieve this with ease. Not only can the programs be used to manage backup, but for recovery and verification of computer data as well.

You can easily install the Bacula Windows version, known as the File or Client daemon, from the binaries. The program then runs as a system service once you install it. Hence, after installation, and once you boost the system, Bacula immediately starts to run in the background. The program continues to run even when there is no user logged onto the system. Bacula also supports incremental backup and differential backup.

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Do You Need Bacula Windows Backup Alternative?

As great as it is, the windows client has some drawbacks in the program, which is why users are on the internet searching for Bacula Windows alternatives on the internet.

However, Bacula software also has the disadvantage of configuring an error-prone and complicated process before its regular running. When even a tiny mistake is made, Bacula stops backing up, and an error code indicates that the backup failed.

This process can be time-consuming and complicated for most users. Sometimes, the program may fail to open. Luckily, the backup software for Windows alternative has many programs that can replace the failed software and give you a solid and worry-free backup solution that will safeguard your Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and other previous operating systems as well.

Bacula Windows

Even though Bacula is not a full disaster recovery system on its own, it can become your central software part of a backup system with sufficient planning before installation.

Bacula Windows Backup and Recovery Capabilities


This software has a unique architecture that keeps data safe at any possible time at storage level, hardware level, and transmission channels, and data volumes. Bacula components have SSL/TLS support that ensures this is done, making the program a secure backup and recovery solution, especially for those looking for enterprise-grade security.


Bacula is very flexible, which makes it the right choice for future backup storage types. You can use Bacula for anything from many different tape types, from basic diss to NAS, SAN, or Amazon cloud. This variety has been natively supported in other technologies that heavily protect against any corruption of data or data loss.


How Bacula performs backup can't go unnoticed because the program doesn't affect or interrupt your work or performance in any way. Using the program will only allow you to meet your set RPOs and RTOs despite the type of data it is, be it MS SQL databases, files, Active Directory objects, Hyper V virtual machines, MS Exchange mailboxes, or others.

Bacula also has new features that make backup creation and data restoration easier than before. One of them is data deduplication- a special algorithm that allows backups to take up less storage space.

The v9.0.0, for instance, introduced a new data volume format that can be used to optimize file placement and help the underlying deduplication files systems such as ZFS with backup data deduplication. Volumes saved in this format are called optimized deduplication volumes or aligned volumes.

The Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) allows Bacula to efficiently create backups of applications and open files in the middle of a working process to make consistent data copies. However, VSS is as old as the technology, and so many Windows-based apps are already adapted to the specifics.

Applications adapted to it are called VSS writers because they are aware of VSS'S existence. When they see Bacula's snapshot command working, they will create consistent states for themselves. However, an app that doesn't recognize VSS can still be backed up using the open file or shadow copy of the process. In such instances, you may not have the full guarantee that the data itself is consistent.

VSS snapshots save the state of the data once the process begins, which means that it can't save any to any data you could have made when creating the snapshot. Bacula also features BAT (Bacula admin tool), a powerful and user-friendly GUI that helps you work with the program and with your usual windows software to control the backup settings.

In Conclusion

Bacula Windows will provide you with the technical service that you need to protect your data. It is suitable for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, and Vista. You can also consider Bacula alternatives to protect unlimited Servers and PCs.

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