Managed IT Service Providers

Expanding businesses need access to the latest technology and equipment. Some don’t have the ability to maintain their own IT resources within their company premises. They need to rely on third parties for their IT needs. This is where managed IT service providers can help.

What is managed IT services? Think of this as outsourcing your IT operations to an off-premise service provider. People call them managed IT service providers, or MSPs. They offer managed IT solutions to end users and organizations on a proactive basis.

MSPs are responsible for managing and maintaining enterprise networks. This helps you focus on more important things, like innovation and marketing. Most businesses have their own networks but maintenance is difficult for them. This is where managed IT service providers can help.

Why do you need managed IT service providers for your business? One major benefit of using MSPs is cost reduction. Many own the entire physical back-end infrastructure. This includes hardware equipment like servers and software components.

In this article, you will learn more about managed IT service providers, as well as the following:

  • Types of managed services.
  • Advantages of using managed IT service providers.
  • Why choose ITarian
managed IT service providers

Managed IT Service Providers — Types of Managed Services

  • Remote firewall administration.
  • Security-as-a-service.
  • Mobile device management

Today, managed IT service providers have much to offer for any expanding business. Here are the types of managed services they can provide:

Type of Managed IT Service Description

Scheduled Maintenance

MSPs ensure the scheduled network maintenance according to the service level agreement (SLA).

Centralized Management

They offer a single and powerful console that is able to handle complex networks. They also provide the following to various clients with centralized controls:

  1. Patch management solutions.
  2. Service desk.
  3. Remote monitoring.
  4. Security solutions.

Remote Support

Managed IT service providers offer cloud-based solutions for handling remote computers. Some also guide you through all the steps of the transition process. They offer remote troubleshooting help with technical problems.

Proactive Support

MSPs combine comprehensive and preventative maintenance systems. This is to stay ahead of any problems relating to desktop devices and networks. They also provide scalable cloud storage services.


Monitoring Managed IT service providers provide effective, customized, and real-time monitoring solutions. This covers network devices, websites, applications, and servers of a business. They are capable of delivering 24/7/365 network monitoring. This ensures excellent uptime for your organization.

Simplified Billing

MSPs provide a billing management system that handles invoicing, payments, tracking, and budgeting.

Advantages of Using Managed IT Service Providers

When you choosing a product or service, you always look for its advantages. This gives you an overview of what you can gain from using the product or service. Here are the advantages of using managed IT service providers.

Advantages Description

24/7/365 Network Monitoring

Managed IT service providers guarantee round-the-clock network security. They do this by using sophisticated network monitoring tools.

Comprehensive Reporting

Managed IT service providers give a full picture of the enterprise infrastructure. This allows MSP executives to track every activity happening in their company.

Enhanced Security

Managed IT service providers are great at improving enterprises. They have an effective backup and disaster recovery plan.


Unplanned repair services can be a large financial burden on enterprises. Hiring managed IT service providers will reduce this cost. Companies only pay for a fixed monthly fee. This covers all kinds of repairs and service costs on a contractual basis.

Choosing the Best Among Managed IT Service Providers

You might be wondering which to choose from among the various managed IT service providers. There are many ways of selecting the right one for you. First, you should do research before hiring an MSP. You can base your decision on customer feedback, product reviews, and ratings.

ITarian is one of the best managed IT service providers today. They offer a central platform that integrates various services into a single console. This includes patch management, service desk, and remote monitoring and management (RMM).

You get various benefits without extra costs when you choose ITarian. Your business requirements are met, as well as your customers’ needs. We have a team of IT professionals always ready to serve you 24/7/365.

Now you know what managed IT service providers are, the different types of managed services, and the advantages of using managed IT service providers. ITarian offers many features and benefits with no extra costs for you. Get yourtrial of our products and services here.