ITSM Connector

The Importance of Having an ITSM Connector in An Organization

An ITSM stands for Information Technology Service Management. It is an approach that organizations adapt to give their customers the best business value. This is achieved by connecting an information technology (I.T) and a business strategy for the organization to run its business smoothly.

The key components of ITSM are people and technology. ITSM's goal is to see that IT is delivered as a service in an organization.

4 Reasons Why an Organization Having an ITSM Connector Is Important

The I.T department is a very important department in an organization and helps an organization in achieving its goals and delivering to its customers the products and services that they produce. There are several reasons why an ITSM connector is important. Below are four of those reasons

  1. Defines service delivery goals to better manage user expectations and endeavor to meet them.
  2. Form knowledgeable support teams that are well trained
  3. Drives down I.T expenses
  4. Institutes a systematized approach to an organization’s I.T department

1.Defines service delivery goals to better manage user expectations and endeavor to meet them.

An ITSM connector will connect the I.T department of an organization with the business operations. These important aspects that every organization should look out for as this defines the organization's service delivery goals. With the goals defined, the organization can better manage the expectations of their customers and stakeholders at large.

ITSM Connector

Especially because many organizations spend most of their time online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, outlining what it is expected to deliver is key to their clients. It does not only satisfy a customer by seeing what an organization can do but producing the actual products and services is a plus for them.

An organization has to then strive to meet the service delivery goals they have defined via the ITSM connector. This will draw customers to them and make them loyal to the organization.

2.Form knowledgeable support teams that are well trained

For an organization to do well through their online presence, they have to have competent staff that is aware of how online business is done. It will be hard for an organization to do their best and be at par with their competitors if the organization retains the staff that they had before and does not train them on how to run their business online.

Training the organization’s staff that will be dedicated to customer support on their online platforms will be a great move. The organization’s employees need to gain communication skills that appeal to online customers. They also need to be equipped with good business terminologies to use as they engage with the organization’s customers.

The employees getting trained comes in handy as the customers that they will talk to via the organization’s website and social media handles will need to be enticed to like the organization’s products and services.

3.Drives down I.T expenses

The use of an ITSM connector will reduce the cost of the I.T service delivery that they would have used to appeal to the organization’s products and services. ITSM connectors combine the efforts of both the I.T department of the organization and the business strategy of the organization.

This combination eases the work of the organization and the I.T department as well. The money that the I.T department would have put in to entice the organization's customers may be via sponsoring the organization’s social media pages would be lessened.

How ITSM connector is important is because it will give the organization a clear identity of the organization’s target audience. An organization doing business via the internet requires it to invest in it.

It is hence important to engage the business strategy so that as the social media pages are sponsored or the organization advertising via the traditional media, they know exactly who it is that they are targeting.

4.Institutes a systematized approach to an organization’s I.T department

An organization needs to know how their investments in the ITSM connector are run. The investments should be transparent and the people handling the organization’s operations also need to be accountable.

It is for this reason that an organization needs to have an ITSM connector as it will ensure that transparency and accountability are upheld. The money that an organization puts into business needs to be traced and not cause mishaps that may cause the organization not to have smooth operations.


This article discussed four reasons why an organization should have an ITSM connector. The four factors are defining service delivery goals to better manage user expectations and endeavor to meet them, forming knowledgeable support teams that are well trained, an ITSM connector drives down I.T expenses, and that it Institutes a systematized approach to an organization’s I.T department.