ITSM Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing Introduction

We like watching movies and TV series on Netflix. We read and send emails through Gmail. We store and backup files on Google Drive. But what do these three services have in common? They all use cloud computing technology. IT services adopted this technology a long time ago. We can refer to it as ITSM cloud solutions.

What is cloud computing? It is providing on-demand computing services over the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis. A popular example of this is watching streaming movies and tv shows on Netflix. You demand or request your favorite show like Game of Thrones. Then you pay for it like a pay-per-view on cable TV.

Cloud computing is a bundle or collection of services offered over the internet. This includes storage, network components, databases, servers, among others. It is like renting the hardware and software services of the cloud service provider.

IT Service Management also uses ITSM cloud solutions. There are two types of ITSM deployment. The traditional deployment is ITSM on-premise. The other one is cloud ITSM or ITSM SaaS (Software-as-a-service).

The cloud is an infrastructure where several computer servers are operating. These servers provide many virtual environments for users. This approach gives users the freedom to use their own apps without any interruption.

ITSM Cloud Solutions

Deploying this in a business setting is possible using ITSM cloud solutions. Cloud computing has three models:

1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS

This model refers to the basic building blocks of computing that are rentable. This includes the physical and virtual servers, storage, and networking components. ITSM cloud solutions that use this model have the following benefits:

  • High-performance of network and the server is always up.
  • Adaptable to changing business requirements.
  • Maximizes availability and redundancy.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Minimizes the upfront capital costs.
  • Improves the competence of IT resources.
  • Focuses on core business tasks instead of daily IT work.

2. Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS

This model refers to a set of tools and services for application building and deployment. ITSM cloud solutions that use this model benefits the application developers. A popular example of this is Microsoft Azure.

3. Software-as-a-Service or SaaS

This is the most popular cloud computing model. Let’s go back to our Netflix example before. Video streaming services are accessible through a web browser or the app interface. You pay for the content you watch on their terms. Some ITSM software vendors offer their ITSM cloud solutions using this model.

You will learn more about IT cloud solutions in the next sections. You will also know why it is important to use ITSM cloud solutions. You will know the highlights to search for in an ITSM device which supports cloud computing.

The Importance Of ITSM Cloud Solutions

The traditional way of deploying an ITSM framework is on-premise. The location of hardware and software components are within the business premises. Cloud ITSM or ITSM SaaS offers solutions on a remote location. The cloud service provider maintains the hardware and software components.

ITSM cloud solutions are important for several reasons:

  • ITSM cloud solutions offer a new approach to delivering IT services. IT cloud solutions don’t include backend costs for installation, management, and maintenance. You don’t have to worry about the technical stuff in short.
  • ITSM cloud solutions put your business a step ahead of your competitors. This increases the competence of your business.
  • ITSM cloud solutions help in aligning business goals and needs with IT services. This is because of its flexible nature.
  • ITSM cloud solutions are scalable. You can access IT cloud solutions through various Gadgets. Which includes mobile phone, PC, and tabs among other

These are some of the reasons why ITSM cloud solutions are important. You will learn the features to look for in ITSM tools in the next section.

ITSM Tools With Cloud Support

The use of ITSM cloud solutions has become rampant. Your ITSM tool or software should support cloud computing technology. Here are the features to look for in an ITSM tool which supports IT cloud solutions:

Feature Other Vendor ITarian
Remote Monitoring and Management or RMM This is a standard feature that the majority of vendors offer. Using RMM, which is part of ITarian’s ITSM tool, lets you manage the entire IT infrastructure from a distant. Everything is accessible through a centralized console.
Network Assessment Not all vendors offer this as part of their ITSM tool. They offer this as a separate software on its own most of the time. This functionality is part of ITarian’s ITSM tool. ITarian like to offer more functionalities with no extra costs. A collection of ITSM cloud solutions all together in one bundle. This is a very cost-effective solution. You save money from buying various software when you can have all the features in one product.
Analytics and reporting This is another feature that most vendors also offer. ITarian offers prescriptive analytics which relies on machine learning and threat intelligence. Reports are customizable according to your organization’s needs.

Those are some of the features to look for when choosing the right ITSM tool for your business.


You now know what cloud computing is all about. You also learned the importance of IT cloud solutions. You are now aware of the features to look for in an ITSM tool that offers ITSM cloud solutions. For more information on ITSM, the tools, and cloud solutions, please click here.