Service Desk Management

What Is Included With Service Desk Management?

Most companies and some IT departments don't know what service desk management is all about. They may get the basics, but may not understand that the Service Desk should help manage:

  • Incidents
  • Problems
  • Change
  • Catalogs
  • Contract/PO/SLAs
  • Assets
  • Provide reports and integration

At ITarian, we believe that one product should be able to manage all the above, and more. End users need multi-channel support options so they can create tickets via telephone, email or other web-based portals. Your website could also provide a means for them to create tickets. Our product can also convert email to tickets, which can make it easier to keep everything uniform and organized. We can help manage and track all the incidents easily and can automatically assign tickets however you prefer them to be grouped.

Problems and Change

You should be able to determine the problem quickly, which our product can help with. Our service desk tool can identify future problems to minimize security and help you proactively fix issues before problems are noticed.

Changes are a necessary part of any company, so why not make it easier to log changes from problems and track them with our product. We can help automate notifications and workflow, which will improve communication and visibility, as well.

Service Desk Management


Our database of reports allows you to check performance based on problems, changes, surveys, requests and more.


Most companies have a catalog for customers or may have different service-level agreements that are necessary. It can be tricky to keep everything organized, but our product lets you keep all those files and documents in one spot. Whenever they're needed, they can be pulled up right from the software, making people more productive and able to get their items quickly. To learn more, contact us today.