Reasons Why Bacula 7.0.0 is a Great Back up Program

Bacula program enables computers to back up data, restore and verify data. Every computer aspires to retain all the data that it contains from when it was purchased. Despite taking care of it to avoid your computer being involved in crime such as it being stolen, a computer user should ensure that it is backed up often.

Backing up data in a computer makes the data easily accessible. It also means that data will not be lost even when a hacker attempts to hack a computer because the data was backed up.

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6 Reasons Why Bacula 7.0.0 is a Great Back up Program

This article will highlight six reasons why Bacula 7 is a great backup program.

Bacula 7

1. Installation and configuration is done in few easy steps

For a computer to start making use of the Bacula 7 program, they only need to install the program on the computer one is using. The installation and configuration of the Bacula 7 program is a straightforward process and the steps to have it in one’s computer will only require one to follow a few steps.

For the Bacula backup functionality process to be an easy peasy job for the computer user, an individual or company will just need to schedule the times when the backing up of the data in the computer will be done. This automation process gets rid of a computer user of staff in a company scheduling for backups whenever they find it necessary.

2. Scalability

Another reason why individuals and companies sought to use Bacula 7 is because of the scalability that comes with the program. It is not only capable of backing up just one sole user’s data but can go beyond and back up a couple of people’s data.

This means that if a company has their client’s data in their computer or their website, that data can as well be backed up. The scalability of Bacula 7 is a convenient way to ensure all the data that is contained in a computer is backed up and as well assists a computer user save up on the time, he or she could have used up backing up time in several turns.

3. Customer support you wished upon

Apart from a computer user having installed the Bacula 7 program in the computer they use, they might just get to moments where they need help. This help would emanate from some of the data that they wanted to back up, restore or verify not being traced when the computer user is tracing them up.

The good thing that comes with an individual or company choosing Bacula 7, is that there will always be a customer support system ready to assist. This support system could assist computer users by answering their questions through frequently asked questions posted on the Bacula program. Besides, the customer support system could assist through their online chat platforms.

4. Customization

In case the Bacula 7 program does not offer an individual or company the backing up of their data, the computer user(s) could customize this capability and add to what extra data could be backed up.

5. Multivolume backups

As earlier mentioned, it saves an individual’s time to back up data on several occasions. This is because the Bacula 7 program has the capability of backing up all the data in a computer at one time. A computer user does not then have to keep setting apart time to back up data at a separate time.

6. Schedule: Multiple jobs run in parallel

Just like it was mentioned above, Bacula data can not only do multivolume backups but can also perform multiple jobs at one time. For instance, if a company deals with a couple of clients but the products ad services offered are different, then most likely the different clients might require different products and services.

This hence means that the data will be different and hence what will be inputted in the company’s computer will be of different jobs. Bacula 7 enables a company to run multiple jobs in parallel at the same time.


There are several reasons that individuals and companies opt to use the Bacula 7 program. This includes the Bacula 7 program allowing a database of all files to be backed up together. It offers its services at a fast speed and hence gives a competitive advantage to companies. Individuals and companies that do not want to keep a pile of old records in their computers should look out for the Bacula 7 program as it automatically removes the data that is no longer needed in computers.

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