Why RMM Software for cloud backup

Why Remote Management and Monitoring Software Needs Cloud Backup

MSP companies understand the importance of remote management and monitoring software. In fact, rmm is pretty much essential to these businesses. However, in order to properly service your clients, you need to have the most reliable and trusted type of data backup system in place. This is the reason ITarian offers Acronis as an add-on module for its open source RMM Software platform. But why choose a trusted backup source in the cloud? Here are several good reasons to consider.

Setup Costs

If you were to install a standard or traditional data backup system (either on site or in another location) you would need to buy a lot of expensive hardware. In fact, you might require several computers, hard drives and other equipment. Also, an msp with remote management and monitoring software needs, could require extensive equipment to ensure all clients' data has been properly secured and backed up.

The best data backup system is of little value if there is a power failure. You will need a reliable source of backup electricity as part of your system. Standard computer power backup systems may not be sufficient and you would need generators capable of providing auxiliary power for 48 hours, to be safe.

The costs of installing and maintaining all of this equipment will eat into the profits of an msp provider, and surely a better solution is available. This is why many companies are turning to the power of the cloud. Acronis can be easily added to ITarian remote management and monitoring software.

When you go with a cloud based system, there is no need for costly installation expenses. In fact, you won't need to invest in a lot of equipment, because you are using Acronis's equipment for your data backup. They have everything in place you require and you can choose your data plan based on memory, to as much as 5 TB. In addition, Acronis has a reliable backup power source in place with 48 hour capacity at all its facilities.


Whether you have your own data backup on the premises or in another location, there is always the risk of theft, vandalism or destruction of your equipment and data.

Suppose your backup system was located in a building 100 miles away and that building was hit by a tornado or the area suffered torrential rains and mass flooding. Commercial insurance can cover damages to the equipment, building and restore these things as good as new. However, no amount of money can replace data which has been lost and cannot be recovered. When it comes to protection, hazard insurance helps but is not the answer.

Backing up data securely is simple and easy when you add Acronis to ITarian remote management and monitoring software. All data is stored off premises in a very secure environment. It is protected with high fencing and very strong and sturdy structures. You may never have to retrieve a great deal of data, but it will be there when you need it.

Lower Administrative Expenses

If you have your own data backup system, someone must oversee the operations. In addition, you may need to have maintenance personnel on hand to ensure the system is running smoothly. Plus, you might buy or lease commercial property for the equipment and when you go with a cloud backup to compliment your remote management and monitoring software, these expenses are not necessary.

With Acronis, your vital data is stored away from your premises and all equipment is properly maintained and up to date. It is no longer your concern, and this can relieve a great deal of stress.

Easy Access

Accessing data can sometimes be a problem if you use old fashion data tapes or other ways to store information. Plus, retrieving a large amount of data from a remote location can be very time consuming. You may need to travel to the backup location, copy the information to a hard drive, take the hard drive to your facility, and then copy the information to your system. This not only takes a lot of time, you can incur a lot of expenses along the way. There is a simple solution to retrieving data with Acronis.

Because Acronis is part of your remote management and monitoring software, when you request large amounts of data, Acronis will send you what you need already copied on a hard drive. This lets you recover data quickly and easily. They also offer convenient data seeding services to make it easier to get started.

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