Time and Expenses Tracking

Time is money, especially when it’s billable.

Time and Expense Tracking
Time and Expenses Tracking Software

ITarian Time and Expenses Tracking

Managing time and expenses is a chore for techs, and often gets pushed to the very bottom of their to-do lists. But timely and accurate time and expense accounting is critical for invoicing—and getting paid for your billable work. ITarian’s Time and Expenses Tracking provides an intuitive tracking system to streamline tracking, approvals, and billing.

ITarian Time and Expenses Tracking allows you to:

  • Simplify the approval process for timesheets and billing attributes
  • Keep techs accountable
  • Send out accurate, detailed invoices on schedule

Key benefits and capabilities

Billable and non-billable time capture

Account for all time spent on a project with notes available to the entire team to prioritize based on SLAs and ensure all billable work is invoiced.

Efficient approvals

Intuitive accountability tools make timesheet approvals hassle-free.

Utilization insights

Visibility into what each resource is working on and when keeps your team focused on priorities and operating at peak utilization.

Automated, customizable invoices

Get invoices out on schedule with seamless tracking of billable time, notes, products sold, and expenses carried over from previous invoices.

Flexible billing

Customized invoices by user, product, service, or a combination with the ability to pro-rate or pre-bill to fit the needs of your clients and business.

Performance visibility

See who your top performers are and why so you can drive best practices across the team to maximize billable hours.

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