ITarian Testimonials

Based in Hammersmith, London, 76BITS designs, delivers and maintains IT solutions for customers across South East England, as well as Finland and Thailand. For nearly 20 years, 76BITS has been supporting businesses and helping them make the most of available technology to deliver increased performance, efficiency and reliability - from network design to maintenance and upgrades. "We are a small managed service provider in the U.K. that focuses on serving our customers with the very best IT experience possible - be that computer repairs, maintenance or security. We are currently taking full advantage of the remote management and monitoring module of ITarian, which enables us to monitor our customers and service them faster. By having access to a proven,service management tool like ITarian, we can grow our business by automating tasks without sacrificing service or performance."

Mr. Mikael Berglund, CEO, 76BITS

Aquaflam is based in Deerlijk, Belgium and manages and sells fire extinguishing materials and systems to government agencies, businesses and individuals across Belgium. The company started back in 1979 and ensures the proper maintenance, inspections, repairs and upgrades to key fire extinguishing and fire deterrent materials and building systems including monitoring and maintenance of emergency lighting and automatic extinguishing systems - from server rooms to kitchen facilities. "The business around Aquaflam is built in part around our ability to service our customers remotely and ensure there is never any down time with our service calls, our maintenance, or our upgrades to customers. The ITarian platform is a great opportunity for us as a small business to take full advantage of a free, proven, secure RMM technology that we think will help us to monitor and service our customers better."

Mr. Tim Debuf, IT Manager, Aquaflam

Convey2Web, LLC is a managed services provider based in Middletown, Delaware serving the IT needs of the community for the past 10 years. Convey2Web is an end-to-end provider of IT services including on-site and off premise monitoring, as well as web hosting, website development and website optimization. As a ITariandigital certificate customer, Convey2Web recently engaged with ITarianon its new ITarian management platform.

"We needed to put a new remote management and monitoring tool in place – and the ITarian platform came out as exactly the right time for us, just as we were evaluating other tools. We’ve already started rolling out theITarianRMM and ITarianPatch Management features to some of our customers, and it is already making a world of difference for our company. Because this platform was built by MSPs for MSPs, ITarian is giving us better utilization of our internal resources, freeing up time to focus on additional customer challenges and solve them quickly –and, we’re saving money because it is all free. We can now move our break fix customers to a managed services model that will generate new revenue streams for us. We look forward to a very long relationship with ITarianand helping them to continue to make ITarian a success for all."

Mr. Robert Morton, President, Convey2Web, LLC

Based in Spain, Évolur Solutions is a managed services provider (MSP) and software company that develops customized software and service solutions for its customers across the country. The company specializes in a hands-on approach, helping customers leverage IT in the best possible way so their businesses are more productive and streamlined, and therefore the company can focus on its own customer’s business growth. "Évolur is an early adopter of the ITarian platform. We are very pleased with the flexibility and options that platform gives us, to help service our customers better. We are already starting to leverage the remote monitoring and management capabilities within ITarian MSP, which has been very intuitive and easy to use. We look forward to leveraging more of the platform in the months to come."

Mr. Carlos Gomez Montenegro, President, Évolur Solutions (

Based in Gendringen, Netherlands, Marly Computers vof is a managed services provider that has been helping local companies with their IT needs since 2001. The company prides itself on its hands-on approach and personal attention it delivers to its cross section of customers in healthcare, education, manufacturing and technology industries with IT hardware, software and services solutions designed to aid its customers use technology to advance their businesses.

"Many customers of Marly Computers vof are small to medium sized businesses, who truly appreciate our hands-on and dedicated approach we take to solve their IT challenges. Our technical team is always on the road helping our clients, and the lack of a remote management and monitoring system in place always created a challenge for us. Since taking advantage of ITarian's remote management features and offerings, we started seeing faster response times, quicker remediation and improved management of our customers. We are very happy to be an early adopter of the ITarian managed services platform and look forward to exploring more of its offerings in the months to come."

Mr. Michel Engelbarts, CEO, Marly Computers vof

Based in the United Kingdom, XL Pro PC has grown from a builder of custom PC’s back in 2008, to a full managed services provider servicing the IT needs of consumers and small businesses across Halifax and West Yorkshire. With a desire to always keep IT costs in check, XL Pro recently registered for theITarian MSP IT management platform while looking for a stable RMM solution to better service its customer base. "Moving over to a new solution for remote monitoring and management was a vital step for our company's growth but it was also a process we needed to implement thoughtfully with a view to a long term strategy that works for us and our clients. It's important for managed services organizations like ours to keep costs down while also ensuring performance is never sacrificed. The money we are saving on licensing fees and other service costs through the ITarian MSP allows us to hire more people and better compete for business. ITarian MSP is an excellent solution that meets our RMM needs. The fact that there are additional features being added to the platform in the months to come allows us to focus on continued growth while also solidifying the customer relationships we have worked so hard to build."

Mr. Matt Helliwell, Company Director, XL Pro PC