All You Need To Know About Network Assessment Tools

Introduction To Network Assessment

The internet speed of your organization is crawling like a turtle. Frequent application crashes torment your employees. There are some computers that are not working anymore. Paranoia is in the air and you don't know what to do. It's time to use some network assessment tools.

A network assessment software identifies the areas in your organization that needs improvement. Network assessment tools help in reviewing existing security policies and infrastructure as well.

Network Assessment Tools

A network assessment identifies which equipment needs repair, maintenance, and replacement. Performing a network assessment also checks the performance of your network. A network assessment also leads to the discovery of running devices on the network.

There are a lot of network assessment tools out there. ITarian Network Assessment Tool is one of the best network assessment tools. It allows you to see the current condition of your network.

You will know more about network assessment in the next section. You will know about the various advantages of using network assessment tools. You will understand why using ITarian Network Assessment Tool is your best option.

Why Is Network Assessment Important?

The main goal of a network assessment is to identify the vulnerabilities in a network. This includes the endpoint devices connected to the client's network. Using network assessment tools also offers convenience in automating tasks.

Here are some of the advantages that make network assessment tools important:

1. Streamlining of resources.

Using network assessment tools will give you an overview of your network. You will see which component takes up too much bandwidth. This includes applications and devices that are eating up too many resources.

Using network assessment tools helps in the proper allocation of resources.

2. Check for causes of delay and failures.

Using network assessment tools will help identify the bottlenecks in a network. Here are the factors that cause the delay in a network:

  • Video streaming
  • Downloading large files like torrent files
  • Too many open programs

Using network assessment tools will identify and correct these bottlenecks.

3. Know about your network 's vulnerabilities or weaknesses.

One of the primary uses of network assessment tools is to scan for signs of weaknesses or security risks. These tools will then look for the corresponding patch.

A patch contains software bug fixes and updates. You can let your operating system do the updates for you. You can schedule the checking of updates as well.

4. Compliance with security standards.

Using network assessment tools guides you to be compliant with security norms. This shows you which security method needs attention or solution. Sometimes the obstacles are in the implementation of these security procedures.

5. You can find out which hardware and software component that needs proper configuration.

The use of network assessment tools helps in showing system misconfigurations. Ignoring this will let an attacker compromise your network.

You can see that using network assessment tools will help you in a lot of ways. You will know about the features of ITarian Network Assessment Tool in the next section.

Benefits Of Using Network Assessment Tools

ITarian Network Assessment Tool is one of the best network assessment tools. Here are the benefits or features you get from using it:

  • It allows admins to scan for vulnerabilities on client networks. This includes the servers and endpoint devices with a connection to the network.

  • ITarian Network Assessment Tool can automate the preparation of detailed risk reports. This comes along with a mitigation plan containing the remediation to each issue. Here are the various customizable reports that this tool provides:

    • 1. Client Risk Summary Report
    • 2. Change Management Report
    • 3. XP Migration Readiness Report
    • 4. Full Detail Report
    • 5. Asset Detail Report
    • 6. Excel Export Report
  • ITarian Network Assessment Tool has a friendly setup wizard. This lets users add networks via Active Directory, Workgroup, and IP range.
  • Network assessment tools show your clients a picture of their network. This helps in expanding your business. The devices added to the network by your clients are searchable. This is possible with ITarian Network Assessment Tool.
  • It also provides IT checklists. This ensures that your tech team follows the standard network assessment procedures. This includes site interview guidelines and network surveys as well.
  • Tech teams can identify system upgrades faster through ITarian Network Assessment Tool. A good example of this scenario is the use of XP Migration Readiness Report. This helps in determining if an XP machine needs an upgrade or replacement.


You now know what a network assessment is and why it is important. You also learned the benefits of using network assessment tools. ITarian Network Assessment Tool is one of the best network assessment tools today. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get your demo!

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