Cloud Backup Software for MSP

Need Data Backup for Your MSP? Here Are Some Cloud Backup Software to Try

Considering the growing cyberattacks targeting various organizations and enterprises, investing in a cloud backup solution is necessary. It serves as an assurance that you can retrieve your data and operate as usual no matter what incident may hit you. If you are a managed service provider, consider these best backup software for MSP.


Acronis works as a cloud backup solution for managed service providers because it is easy to set up and manage. You can also customize it using its web-based console. It offers comprehensive security for various systems and data. Plus, it has multiple layers of security with AES encryption.

Acronis offers a robust backup solution by combining cloud and traditional backup methods to cover all bases, wherever you store your data. What's even better is that you can scale it according to your business' growth. It also offers a per-use business model, which does not require heavy upfront capital.

Cloud Backup Software for MSP

SolarWinds Backup

SolarWinds Backup is one of the best backup software for managed service providers. It is affordable and user-friendly and can back up both virtual and physical servers. If you have large data machines, SolarWinds can help.

SolarWinds only provides one web-based dashboard, where users can manage their backup. It can provide quick backup and restoration because of its built-in deduplication and compression. SolarWinds has data centers based in 15 different locations globally.


NinjaRMM is a trusted backup software for managed service providers and IT professionals. It provides asset monitoring, network management features, activity monitoring, and IT maintenance. It also gives users real-time access to servers, desktop devices, workstations, and virtual machines. If you're looking for mobile-friendly software, NinjaRMM is the software to get.

NinjaRMM works flawlessly with third-party applications and systems. It eases the data flow within your system. Its pricing depends on what features you want. You can even develop a unique package to suit your needs as a managed service provider.

iDrive Team

iDrive Team works well with small businesses and is the best backup software for MSP. It can also backup data of scattered remote teams all over the world. Working with iDrive means getting an affordable rate and user-friendly management capabilities. iDrive Team also boasts end-to-end encryption for your security. It works with mobile devices, PCs, and NAS. However, it does not have a trial version and storage is not unlimited.


Backblaze Business Backup is perfect for small businesses looking for a no-fuss backup solution. It offers unlimited storage and a low-impact app backing up data in the background. Backblaze also provides private encryption and two-factor authentication for your security. However, it does not cover Linux clients.


MSP360 is a manageable cloud backup software for MSP. Users favor it for its affordability and versatility. MSP360 has clients for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux. Since it partnered with Wasabi, it provides both backup and storage. It has a flexible licensing, which will allow you to scale up or down as needed.

Carbonite Cloud Backup

Carbonite Cloud Backup breaks through most organizations' misconceptions about how difficult it is to set up cloud backup software for MSP. It is easy to use, but it does not support mobile devices.

Newbie MSPs like Carbonite for its easy installation and 24/7 support staff. It offers backup options for external drives, servers, and endpoint devices. Carbonite also provides software-specific backup and recovery options. However, it does not backup Linux users.


Crashplan wins users over for its uncomplicated installation and deployment. It functions well in backing up servers, laptops, and desktops. It also offers quick incremental backups. If you are looking for cloud backup software for MSP with no data limits, Crashplan is right for you. The good news is it works across Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple macOS.

However, it does not have a virtual machine backup, image-based backup, and mobile device backup. Despite these drawbacks, MSPs who prefer a simple cloud backup solution will get their money's worth from Crashplan.


Arcserve is known for offering a comprehensive backup solution for medium to large businesses. It offers IT-grade features, quick backup and restore, and cloud-native backup solutions. You might have to pay more for customized pricing for your cloud backup software for MSP, though.

Final Words

Itarian can help you find the most suitable solution for your backup needs. We prioritize a streamlined backup strategy and help you recover and restore data. Contact Itarian today to advise you on the type of cloud backup solution that will match your needs!

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