How the Best MSP Software Can Help Businesses Migrate to the Cloud

Managed service providers or MSPs have a goal of implementing digital changes for their clients. This affects not only the customer’s bottom line, but the daily success of the MSPs as well.

The best MSP software can help migrate your data to the cloud and successfully manage it. This tool can also assist you in monitoring your operations and ensure that everything is managed seamlessly and securely. By allowing MSPs to automate your cloud migration and management, you can take all the pressure off your shoulders. This gives you more time to watch over your business at a strategic level.

Migrating services to the cloud can definitely improve the efficiency, scalability, and security of businesses. It can save companies money whether for a short time or a long time.

Now, the question is how do you determine if you’re ready as a company to make the move? We have here some signs that you should watch out for. Aside from that, we will also discuss here how the best MSP software can help you get through the process of migration.

You’re Still Relying on Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange falls behind cloud-based solutions like Office 365 or Google Drive in terms of security and the peace of mind it provides. If your organization is still hooked to Microsoft Exchange, then you are at risk of compromising your data. Once a disaster happens, you might lose both your email and their servers.

When you move to Office 365, you can have a guaranteed service level, with the ability to scale up or down. This ensures that you are only paying for your exact needs. The only real disadvantage of migration is it could take some time and effort but you don’t have to worry as the best MSP software can handle that for you.

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Old Fashioned Call Centers are Still Your Thing

One of the best things about a cloud-based contact center is the agent versatility. If your company is able to provide customer service at any time of the day, then you’ll likely have loyal customers flocking your business.

Customers may suddenly need support, even during odd times, so running your business strictly from 9 to 5 could get you in trouble. Using the best MSP software can help you move to a cloud-based call center. They are typically staffed from anywhere, giving you 24/7 customer service.

Cloud contact centers allow agents to collaborate impeccably, and the amount of customer support available can be scaled as traffic increases. Your business becomes more efficient and flexible at a lower cost.

You Keep Data in an On-Premise Storage

Companies need to have a storage that can scale with their data. On-premise storage can do this but it could be costly to maintain and comes with a lesser level of security. Extra charges like patch management and hardware can pile up quickly, and businesses could end up paying more than they need to.

Moving to cloud storage can take away unnecessary expenses. It gives you the option to pay under any subscription model, so you can allocate your budget wisely. Cloud services allow you to compensate for the exact amount of resource you need while taking advantage of benefits like scalability and reliability.

Still Utilizing In-House Apps

Organizations that still use in-house apps could move over to a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) software if you need help with budgeting. This enables you to shift from a large capital expenditure to a more predictable operational cost. SaaS offerings are easy to use and could enhance your business rapidly. Some examples of cloud software include Dropbox, Zendesk, or Amazon Web Services.

You’re Protecting Your Network with an On-Premise Firewall

As you migrate to the cloud for services and storage, you need to prioritize security. If you have cloud-based applications and data but you don’t have a firewall, it’s time to make some adjustments. Virtual firewalls can manage traffic that moves between different virtual networks and secure any physical data that moves between a local infrastructure and the cloud.

It beats a hardware-based firewall by delivering secure remote access, protective measures, as well as encryption. A number of cloud-based services are not prepared for malicious activities, so having a virtual firewall is ideal for maintaining confidentiality.

Final Thoughts

Cloud-based services provide versatility, scalability, and security, as well as the mitigation of the need for a contingency plan in the event of a disaster. If you can relate to any of the signs mentioned above, it’s about time to get the best MSP software. Begin your journey to the cloud by contacting ITarian.


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