Client Communication Portal

Sometimes the best service is self-service.

Communication Portal
Client Portal

ITarian Client Communication Portal:

Providing top-notch service doesn't always require holding your clients' hands every step of the way. When you give them the tools they need to answer questions and initiate activities easily and quickly with an instantaneous response, everybody wins. Your clients are happy, and your team can focus on the customer service matters that require personal attention. ITarian's Client Communication Portal offers a secure web portal with always-on presence for client communication and self-service support.

ITarian Client Communication Portal lets you and your clients:

  • Submit tickets and requests at any time
  • Set priorities, collaborate, review status, and evaluate goals
  • Monitor tickets, update tasks, run reports, and check invoice status all on a self-service basis
  • Get self-help documentation to reduce support calls

Key Benefits & Capabilities of Client Communication Portal


Add your (or your client's) logo for a “you are here” experience.

Access control

Configure settings to dictate what the client is allowed to see and what is private.

Task management

Assign tasks to clients and get work approvals.

Ticketing integration

Submit tickets directly to the ticketing system and run ticketing reports.

Project management

Review the project calendar, hours worked, and work in progress.

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